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Disney's House of Mouse Ride

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  • Disney's House of Mouse Ride

    The image and description are all created by me and you may not use them without my permission.

    Here is the ride logo I created from different images...

    Disney’s House Of Mouse

    The ride uses the Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man technology. The story is we are VIP guest to receive backstage passes to the animation studio before we get to see a LIVE performance of the House of Mouse. The queue area is set up to resemble an old animation studio. Along the queue line we see doors with our favorite classic Disney cartoon characters name’s on them. Upon passing Donald’s door we notice a KEEP OUT sign on the door handle. We can hear him arguing with somebody and we can see a shadow of his silhouette throwing a tantrum. When we pass Goofy’s door we can jiggle the handle and then hear him say one of five different phrases which include; “Gorsh! Just a second, pal. I’m not even dressed yet.”, “How do I work this thing here?” followed by the room lighting up, a buzzing, electrocuting noise, and his “Ya-hoo-hoo-eee” shout, and a few other lines. When we pass Mickey’s door we can see a shadow of him talking on the phone about getting the theatre ready and how the guest will be sent over in a few minutes.

    Further down the queue we pass a recording studio where we see either Cinderella, Snow White, or Aurora inside having a brief dialogue and recording some of their songs from their movies using the same effect that Rock N’ Roller Coaster uses. Each princesses’ part last about six minutes before she leaves and the next one comes in, so there is a possibility of seeing different princesses each time we ride.

    We walk into the next room which is a big prop room containing many cartoon-like props; some interactive. There are TVs hanging above the line showing short cartoons of the fabulous five. After each, Mickey will come on the screen, and inform you that your taxicab should be arriving any minute to take you to the show. We exit through a back door and out onto the street where the day has turned to night.

    We hear some Toon Town music and see a streetlight with a face swaying back and forth, “dancing” and humming to the music. We work our way to the end of the line where we are given 3D glasses and board a taxicab sitting four across in the front and four across in the back. Over a speaker in the cab we hear Mickey welcome us aboard and tell us that the show can’t start until we get there. The cab speeds off around the corner through an alley.

    We hear Mickey come back over the speaker and tell us that he is so glad we are here today and coming to see the show. He continues talking as we hear Goofy running, out of breath in the background. “Gorsh! Mickey! Mickey! Stop the cab. You have to get our guest to come back to the studio! I’ve just heard something terrible…” About that time a gang of Disney Villains show up out of nowhere at the end of the alley blocking our way (3D effect on the screen). The car comes to a screeching halt. Maleficent is in the front, with Jafar, Ursula, Hades, Scar, and Captain Hook backing her up. “And where do you think you are going? We are here to crash Mickey’s little party and get rid of Mickey and the gang once and for all! But first it looks like we have to go through you! Get ‘em, Scar!” Scar leaps out from behind Maleficent and lands on the hood of our cab, which makes it shake. He starts intimidating us by slashing at us with his claws and laughing. He then pulls his paw up behind his head to for one big final slash. “I’ll tell Simba you said ‘hello’.” The cab spins throwing Scar off and we crash through the side of a building.

    We find ourselves driving through a diner where we see Audio-Animatronics of Huey, Duey and Louie sitting at a table sharing a tall chocolate milkshake. We can actually smell chocolatey treats. “Hey! Watch where you’re going.” they scream as we zoom by. We also see Timon and Pumbaa eating a big plate of bugs. “AHHHH! It’s Scar and he’s right behind you!” Timon screams.

    We then bust out the front door of the diner and Scar leaps in front of the cab (3D effect on the screen). He has us blocked as he laughs and creeps forward. Simba comes from out of nowhere and pounces on him, pinning him to the ground. “I’ll take care of him! You guys get out of here!” We take a sharp right turn and speed away.

    We are speeding along a where to our right is the ocean at the bottom of the hill (3D effect on the screen). Ursula comes out and taunts us with her sinister laugh (3D effect on another screen). Her tentacles start reaching into our cab and twirling inches in front of our face as we feel water dripping on us. She then hits our cab sending us spinning off down the side of the hill. We land in the water and our cab starts bobbing in the water. We start to feel the cab rise and then see a giant animatronic of Ursula’s face in front of our cab as tentacles come over the side of the cab. She is laughing manically. We hear King Triton’s voice coming from the water beneath us. “Ursula, you let them go!” The Ursula head looks down as if she is looking at Triton. “Not a chance Triton!” “So be it!” We hear the blast of his triton as the room lights up in a gold glow. She drops us and we are splashed as we start floating in the water again. King Triton swims up to us and tells us to leave. He swims under water splashing his tail and getting us a little wet.

    We start floating into the next area as Captain Hook and Mr. Smee row up in front of us. Captain Hook has a cannon on the row boat and lights the fuse. A blast of air comes shooting at our faces. “I won’t miss THIS time!” We hear a tick-tock noise getting louder and louder. “What’s that? Is that… Smee! Get me out of here!” We see the crocodile chase their boat away.

    The room fills up with smoke and we can’t see anything (the cab moves into the next room where we are now in front of another screen). Peter Pan comes onto the screen, appearing through the smoke and flying in front of us. “I think you guys could use a little help getting out of here!” He grabs Tinkerbell and sprinkles some Pixie Dust on us. We fly out of the water and back onto land.

    In the next area we are back on land in a dark area and can’t see anything. We hear Hades voice and it gets warm. The flame on Hades head appears and he is walking up to us lighting up the area (3D effect on the screen). “I have to hand it to you guys. What an incredible performance! I give it two thumbs WAY up!” He shoots flames out of his fingers and we feel hot air on our cab. “It’s a shame you’ll have to be going so soon.” Flames shoot out from the side of the walls but our cab is pulled back to safety. “Hercules! Noooo!” We hear Hercules from BEHIND our cab. We are thrown by Hercules forward into Hades knocking him down as we turn into the next area and hear, “You’re mine Hades!” as Hades screams.

    Jafar is standing in front of us and he has his scepter (3D effect on the screen). “You think you can run from us!” He points his scepter at us and its eyes start glowing red. Jafar starts rising into the air and our cab follows. “Aladdin won’t be able to save you now! Mickey sure is going to be upset that you missed his little party!” “Not so fast Jafar!” Aladdin and Abu come flying in on the magic carpet. Jafar drops us as we plummet to the ground. The Genie flies in from nowhere and turns into a giant whoopee cushion that catches us, while letting out a huge… “noise”. “You guys sure are trouble.” We drive away and hear Genie in the background yell “It’s showtime!” and hear a battle going on between Jafar, Aladdin and Genie.

    In the next area we see Maleficent (3D effect on the screen). Smoke shoots out from underneath the screen. A giant animatronic of Maleficent as the dragon comes down from the ceiling above our cab. Mickey comes running out onto the screen in his Fantasia attire to stop Maleficent. We see a small battle between the on screen Mickey and the animatronic Maleficent. Mickey is struggling to save us when Hercules, Simba, Aladdin, Genie, Peter Pan, Tarzan, Beast, Robin Hood, Kuzco and Kronk, John Smith, Quasimodo, come up front behind with Stitch in the front. Stitch yells “Chaaaaaaaarge!” and we see the characters run forward with smoke pouring down from Maleficent as she screams.

    We speed off around the corner and Goofy, Donald, the Princesses and a gang of characters come scrambling in front of us (3D effect on the screen). Goofy says, “Gorsh, we sure are sorry.” Mickey comes running in throwing off his Fantasia outfit to reveal a tux. “Golly, folks. That sure was a crazy ride. At least you made it here in one piece.” Minnie steps forward “Mickey! It’s time for the show to start!” Mickey says, “Glad you made it folks, pull around front and find your seats. Enjoy the show. We’ll see you reeeeeeal soon!” followed up by his trademark laugh.

    The cab pulls up under a marquee to the front of the theatre. We exit the ride and into the theatre lobby which is set up as a gift shop. There are two big doors with a sign on them that says “NO ENTERING DURING PERFORMANCES”. If you look through the window on the doors you can see the characters on stage performing different acts.

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    I am suprised no one but me has posted yet that sounds like the greatest pitch ever it would be awesome if they turned it to reality i would find someone to send it to Disney for you. Awesome Detail I liked it a lot. And for the heroes i like how you had robin hood in there it was my favorite but no kids really think of it when they talk about disney movies


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      Originally posted by nicks_ahoy View Post
      And for the heroes i like how you had robin hood in there it was my favorite but no kids really think of it when they talk about disney movies
      Yeah, I wanted to put most recognizable characters there, but I also wanted an old school representation other than Peter Pan. I picture Stitch standing there with his chest puffed out and he fist clenched with his arms at his side.


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        Oh, I might throw together a track layout and some rough draft concept art of different scenes if I get bored over the next week. Who knows? I could make this a big project and go all out with a web-site and graphics of every scene. We'll see. Check back.


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          What a great idea - and I love the logo!!

          ... And of course, the entrance to the ride would have to resemble the outside of the 'House of Mouse'!!

          Looking forward to seeing the track plans!!

          "Most of my life I have done what I wanted to do. I have had fun on the job.
          I have never been able to confine that fun to office hours." ~ Walt Disney


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            You know, House of Mouse is a great show, what with all the characters and all, so I think that people would love this ride! Also, if they made the building the same as it is on the T.V show, it would fit right into MGM or DCA!
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              The only problem is the queue of the ride takes place somewhere other than the theatre. I had to make it away from the theatre since the idea of the ride is getting to the theatre to see the show. I figured the studio was the second best choice.


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                That would be a really fun ride hun. How'd you even think all that up?? lol


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                  I love your idea so much, that I just read it through again and it sounds even better on a second read through!!

                  "Most of my life I have done what I wanted to do. I have had fun on the job.
                  I have never been able to confine that fun to office hours." ~ Walt Disney


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                    You ready for Part One of the update? Here is a little concept art.

                    Here is a final draft for the ride logo. It is a much cleaner look, and has Maleficent replaced with her Dragon form.

                    The outside of the building is set up to resemble an animation studio. There is a sign with big bold letter spelling ANIMATION running down the building. There is also the attraction logo attached to the building. The building is lit up with colorful red and purple lights. Guest enter the attraction near the orange wall.

                    Here are the 3D glasses riders will be given upon boarding the vehicle. The design is inspired by Mickey's sorceror hat in Fantasia.

                    In the actual attraction these doors will be spaced out through different halls. Around each character's doors are framed pictures of themselves in memorable roles. The shadow effects are animated and not stationary. Donald Duck appears to be having an arugement and throwing a temper tantrum as we walk by. Mickey appears to be talking to someone on the phone about "Tonight's show" and how the "guest of honor", us riders, will be arriving shortly. We see Goofy inside the dressing room duing such things as slipping on a banana, electricuting himself with a blow drier, and combing his hair to try and get it to lay down (which keeps popping back up). When we grab the door handle to Goofy's dressing room he says, "Gorsh! Just a second pal. I'm not even dressed yet!"

                    As we get deeper into the studio we enter a dark hallway with a big glass window that overlooks a recording studio. Inside we see either Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora, or Jasmine, who talk the riders as well as interacts with someone off screen before singing a short version of songs from their movies. Each princesses' segment last about six minutes before she is finished and switches with the next. This is a continuous loop and works similar to the effect in Rock N' Roller Coaster. During busier times a Cast Member can even take the controls for the princesses' and have conversations with riders passing by.

                    Here is a quick piece on what the final battle might look like. The scene will be in a dark alley with only the moon light and the headlights of our cab lighting the street. The 3D effects are most notable here when the heroes run at Maleficent (who is an Audio-Animatronic hanging down from above the cab), and Stitch, Beast and Simba appear to leap off the front of our cab onto her.

                    That's it for now. I'll have picture up of the ride vehicle, additional scenes, a track layout, and other concept art sometime soon.

                    Please remember that I worked hard on these and anything I post relating to Disney's House of Mouse Attraction may not be used without my permission. Thanks, guys.
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                      Nice job!! I like.


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                        that would be the awesomest disney attraction ever!! if only it could be turned into a ride.
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                          Originally posted by ~Hakuna Matata~ View Post
                          that would be the awesomest disney attraction ever!! if only it could be turned into a ride.
                          Find me a way to pitch it to an Imagineer and I'll go and give it my best shot.


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                            You ready for Part Two of the update? Here is a little concept art. Keep in mind this is not how things look exactly on the ride. They are just an idea of the enviornment and what happens. The background is obviously more crips and detailed.

                            Here is where we first meet the Villains of the ride. Scar has jumped on the front of our cab and is slashing his paw in front of our face.

                            In this scene Ursula has knocked us into the water and we can feel the water and mist in our face. She has grown to 100 feet tall and has picked us up out of the water. As we are pick up even higher an animatronic Ursula head shows up in front of our cab.

                            Hades has his own plans to stop the show. We literally feel the heat that Hades brings. Fire shoots from the sides of the room at our cab.

                            With the help of his sceptor, Jafar has lifted us hundreds of feet above the street. Is that Aladdin, Abu and Genie that are coming to save the day?

                            Maleficent finally catches up to us near the end of the ride. She turns into a dragon and an 15 foot audio-animatronic dragon head comes down from the ceiling and starts snapping at our heads.

                            After we arrive at the theatre and exit our cab we walk into the theatre lobby, the attractions gift shop. The theatre door can be found directly to our left and if we look through the window we can see the show being performed.

                            That's all for now. A ride vehicle, track layout and addition concept art will be posted soon.

                            Please remember that I worked hard on these and anything I post relating to Disney's House of Mouse Attraction may not be used without my permission. Thanks, guys.


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                              You're so creative