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  • D23 in Marceline

    As a D23 member, I was dissapointed to learn that just after announcing ticket buying options, that the Journey to Marceline event had sold out. Do these events typically sell out this fast? I know that may be a difficult question to answer since this is the first year D23 is expanding out to events across the U.S. It is especially dissapointing since we live only 2 hours away from Marceline and had planned on attending this event. Any idea on how many members are typically allowed at these ticked events? Thanks for your feedback.

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    Re: D23 in Marceline

    I just read that more spots were opened up because the trip was in such high demand and you can now register again. Hope you get a spot.

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      Re: D23 in Marceline

      Durn I missed it! I wouldn't have the money anyways I guess with wdw coming up.
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        Re: D23 in Marceline

        Bummer! Marceline is a VERY neat town! I really wanted to see it from a D23 angle!

        I would recommend going there anyways, though. There is SOO much history. One woman (who is towards her last legs) is a volunteer in the museum and has tons of stories about Walt because he stayed with her family when he came back after Disneyland was created. Her husband and Walt became best friends!

        I strongly encourage you to visit!!