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What type of new resort would you like to see open?

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  • What type of new resort would you like to see open?

    Vacation Club, Deluxe, Moderate or Value. Personally I think they need to have another Moderate or Value. Although I love the Deluxes, there are too many. I think they should have a attraction themed resort
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    I agree with the moderate. They are very nice and have great themes.


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      Being someone who is low on funds, I would like to see another value resort. I mean the All-Stars are beautiful expecially for the price. Lets admit it, Disney World is overpriced so I like to save as much money than I can when i am down there.


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        If current plans go thru DVC is getting one.


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          I would like to see a value resort that doesn't fit into the All-Star mold. Pop Century and the All Stars are very nice but they seem way too similar. They need to come up with something to offer a bit more variety aside from movies, sports, music, or pop culture.
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            I think a moderate. With the new Pop Century, especially once the 1900-1940s are fully occupied there is a lot of space for lower cost visits (face there are no low cost visits)
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              I have to agree with the attraction themed resort. I would love to see them make a tower of terror resort and actully have it like a tower. Really any ride themed resort would be good and i think they could fit in the moderate price range. If not tower of terror maybe somthing from the haunted mansion. I guess i just want a spooky themed resort.
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                  I love the idea of an attraction themed hotel. But what if they took it a step further - A Fantasyland hotel - each area could be themed after a different ride. Can't you see it? A Carousel section - all beautiful whites and pastels; a Dumbo section - bright circus colors, with little black feathers sprinkled throughout.

                  However, I would hope that they would go for a more classic look, rather than the huge plastic thingees everywhere at the value resorts currently. Not necessarily in-your-face theming, but have prints from movies in the room. Maybe aim the hotel for the non-cheerleader; non-kiddo crowd that would like an inexpensive hotel room. Um, I guess for people like me!
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                    I was thinking of a HM resort. Also they should offer contest winners a chance to stay in the Castle or ToT. They could even let poeple reseve the rooms, could you imaging they could charge whatever they wanted. $3000 a night to sleep in Cindarella's room.

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                      I'd like a value-priced resort by serviced by the monorail. Too much to ask?
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                        Originally posted by DissyLove
                        I'd like a value-priced resort by serviced by the monorail. Too much to ask?
                        GREAT idea - think Jerrame would stay there then?
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                          You know what would be a really good resort? An Asian-themed one! They don't have any of those I believe. It would be an amazing addition!
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                            I love the idea of an attraction themed hotel, in particular, a Tower of Terror themed hotel. I can picture that, especially since it's supposed to be a hotel...

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                              I would like to see some more themed resorts open up. Universal has a Nickolodeon Hotel, that is really cool. They should do something like that, maybe do a combo of Lion King, Tarzan, something like that Jungle Theme, and have instead of pools lake water and things like that.
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