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  • How long . . .

    Does it take for you to receive an "out of subscription" copy of Celebrations? I ordered a single issue over two weeks ago and have yet to receive it.


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    Re: How long . . .

    This probably isn't going to help much, but I've been waiting since November for my subscription. I've emailed a few times with no response, and even called and talked to Tim. Still nothing. Losing the Disney magic... If you contact the magazine and can get a response, let us know.


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      Re: How long . . .

      The next issue comes out early May! So Queensfairy you may be waiting until then. Just like with a normal magazine subscription it's usually 4-8 weeks to get 1st issue. Fly, I would suggest emailing again!

      Have your emailed with your concerns? Usually Tim, Lou, or Jessica are really good with responding.

      I have had a subscription since last summer and have had no problems! Good luck!!!
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        Re: How long . . .

        First, kind of embarrassing, but I forgot a letter in my user name, so it's corrected now.

        Second, I realize I should've answered queensfairy's question-- it should only take a week. It's not like a subscription where you have to wait for the magazine to be published. They're already in print, so all they have to do is put the magazine in an envelope, address it, and mail it. That's what worries me a little. When companies start having problems, these are the exact things you start to see: orders not being sent, messages going unanswered, assurances not being upheld.

        Eeyore-- thanks for the input! Unfortunately, I've emailed three times already, and called and talked to Tim. Ugh.


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          Re: How long . . .


          Just wanted to let you guys know that back issues do take a couple of weeks to be shipped out. This is because it comes from a different mailing house than our printed issues. As for not answering emails, I will look into that right away as I am the one who answers them. I apologize for the delay and let me know if there is anything else I can do for you! I can also be reached by email at

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            Re: How long . . .


            As FlyForaWaltGuy mentioned - I am ordering a single copy of an issue that has already been produced. I am not ordering a new subscription. Therefore, its not like a normal magazine subscription. If someone pays for something - including a $3 shipping charge I think it is insane to ask that consumer to wait 2+months (until May as mentioned in other posts) for them to receive their product. If that is the order in which Celebrations Press handles their magazine - then there needs to be a notation to that on their website so the consumer isn't left wondering when their product will come in or spending times sending several emails trying to get an answer.

            Just my opinion.