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WDW Radio episode #269 top 10 WOW! moments

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  • WDW Radio episode #269 top 10 WOW! moments

    Don't wait until the Daniel donates to win for "next year" have him back on again soon he was great, the top 10 would be a great 3-man segment for him to participate in.

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    Re: WDW Radio episode #269 top 10 WOW! moments

    I have to admit that I didn't care for him.

    And Tim's horrible connection didn't help the show either. The only Top "Ten" podcast I was ever disappointed with.


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      Re: WDW Radio episode #269 top 10 WOW! moments

      I agree with the comment about the poor connection. I noticed this for the last two top ten segments that Tim was being cut off a lot and the connection was bad. It made it a lot less enjoyable to listen to than usual that said, I still love the top 10 lists and can't wait for the next one! Hopefully I'll be able to hear everyone this time...


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        Re: WDW Radio episode #269 top 10 WOW! moments

        Well I loved of my WOW moments was in 2004. We planned a family trip to WDW which happened to be at the same time as the World Series. My father purchased Red Sox jerseys for each of us (4 Adults and 3 kids). We wore them proudly to the ESPN Club to watch the final game. We had fantastic seats at the front of the dining area in front of the HUGE TV. After the Red Sox won I asked a cast member during the MNSSHP when some of the players would be there. We missed Kurt Schilling. However got to see David Ortiz and Pedro Martinez on Main Street. It was awesome. I never thought I would see my brother so happy and kid like. Amazing moment...
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          Re: WDW Radio episode #269 top 10 WOW! moments

          Me and hubby agreed one of WOW moments on every visit is after we visit O'Hana for dinner. We always come out of there thinking 'WOW! I don't think I could eat another thing for the rest of our trip'... that place always turns us in to a couple of fatties - LOL!


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            Re: WDW Radio episode #269 top 10 WOW! moments

            We travel with a Seeing Eye Dog. After Fantasmic, the CM came to find us to help lead us though the crowds. She handed me a button that said "Honorary Citizen" and on the back was had written "I'm a Fantasmic Canine". The dog has been to WDW twice and this was the only time he was offered that button.
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              Re: WDW Radio episode #269 top 10 WOW! moments

              There's no such thing as a bad Top 10 segment on WDW Radio, but I think a three man team is a little much. Lou and Tim have a flow going and I felt it was kind of disrupted with the presence of a third individual.

              But my WOW moment is one that no one has mentioned. I'm a HUGE Muppet fanatic, and my biggest WOW moment is walking into the theater for Muppet Vision 3D and seeing myself standing there in the original Muppet Show Theater. Such an amazing moment every time I go in there!
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