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Secrets discoveries during ride breakdown

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    Originally posted by 4Mickey
    I was actually able to get through the entire SE ride without a stop or anything!

    Awesome you were sure lucky I hope this happens when I go in October.



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      Test Track is scary to get stuck on. Especially if its right before the crashing part.... and you dont know when you're gonna go through the door.... or IF it's going to open. yeah. that happened. and i got nervous. no good.
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        I was once stuck on Thunder Mountain Railroad, it was right in the tunnel right when the bats came past you. We just sat there for 5 minuets in the dark before the the ride started up again.


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          Originally posted by Tyler
          I was once stuck on Thunder Mountain Railroad, it was right in the tunnel right when the bats came past you.
          I've gotten stuck many times on the second incline, and I was disappointed to see they got rid of the possum hanging from the tree after that incline... I use to say "gross" as a child but when I sprouted to 6'4", I smacked that ****er everytime... but now he's gone... gone forever.


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            There is a known game called "Spaceship Earth Roulette" - you can read about it here or here


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              Ha ha ha!!! That is soooo funny!
              "What ARRRRGH you doing?"

              "What are you doing?"
              "No, What ARRRRGH you doing?"
              Cap'n Jack lives again!
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                Originally posted by MainStreet, USA
                I actually count on TT breaking down, and use it to my advantage. I go grab a fast pass early in the day, knowing it will break down sometime in the first couple hours of the day, meaning that my FP will be good for any time of day I chose to use it. I've done this three times, and twice it has worked out as I suspected. Only once did it not break down before I came back, but no biggy... my FP was still good for that time frame anyway!
                FastPasses are good all day no matter what. They'll let you in any time after the first return time.
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                  im new so im sure this has been posted..but i thought id give it a shot and share something i learned with you all. Some of the times that Spaceship Earth or the Haunted Mansion stops is b/c they have to allow for people in wheelchairs to get on/get off! The revolving floor causes them some troubles getting into the cars! Im sure thats not the case for everytime but it could account for a good portiong of them!
                  I too have been caught on many broken down rides but the one that sticks out the most is the Norweign boat ride. We had to actually get out of the boat and walk around on the side of the water and exit the back! Its cool to see rides in a different light everyonce in a while!
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                    Cool breakdown story Big Thunder Mountain

                    Several years ago, my (then) fiance and I were on our favorite ride, BTMR. The train stopped at the "avalanche" scene (the last lift in the ride). Right before you enter this cave, the ride goes around a bend that faces the river where the riverboat goes by. When the ride stopped for a while on that lift, cast members eventually began loading passengers out to walk off the ride. Since my man and I always asked to ride in the back, we were right near the entrance to the tunnel when we got off, and while cast members were still loading others off, we walked back out of the cave to the little ledge where you get a nice view of the river (I took a pic of him standing there, with the boat in the background). I was so glad the boat came by at that moment because it was awesome to see the shock on everyone on that boat's face, to see two people (everyone else being inside the cave) just standing in the middle of the ride, right on the side of the mountain!
                    We were all led thru a secret door in the tunnel, inside the mountain, and out another door which came out into the first tunnel the ride goes into (with the bats). The bats with the glowing eyes looked just like coke cans cut in half with holes in them for "eyes" and I guess a red light inside. We walked out beside the track where the cars go in at the start of the ride, and out the exit.
                    This was especially cool b/c we took the keys to the kingdom tour that day and heard that we would go behind the scences. my bf was hoping we could see the inside of BTM since it's his favorite, and was very sad when we didn't get to. But we got our behind the scene tour of BTM, a rare photograph, and the memory of a lot of "what in the ___?" faces looking at us from that Riverboat!
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                      Originally posted by JEDIPRINCESS
                      I think that Spaceship Earth doesn't really breakdown. I think it stops to let disable passengers get on . Because every time and I do mean evey time I been on it it stops right when we go backwards were you see the kids and and the classroom. I mean every time. SPOOKY and I bet when I go back this oct it will stop there again too
                      I just went in April for the millionth time (I live in Tampa and my family and I have never gotten sick of WDW). I am used to being stopped on SE by now to let wheechairs and whatever on. We stopped 3 or 4 times and we were stopped at that part going backwards where different people are talking to each other thru computers for about 10 minutes! My boyfriend and I were quoting the spiel the boy is saying to the doctor about "is my little brother going to be okay?" and the doctor says something about it being twins (I forgot it already but by the time we got off the ride we all knew it by heart!)
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                        Originally Posted by GirlStar613
                        i think i remember hearing about an elevator the went all the way up to the top on SE. didn't they use it to put mickey on top for some promo shots and the mouse had to be harnessed for safety?

                        I heard somewhere that the guy in the Mickey suit peed his pants when he got up there because he was so scared of being so high. Tee hee. Who knows if that's true?!
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                          regarding pics of space mountain track....

                          Originally posted by tjcoolgirl15
                          OK, as soon as I find them. That's the problem, ever since I got them developed they've "disappeared"! Disney people have confiscated them perhaps???
                          I have some pics too....from the PEOPLE MOVER...(TTA my butt....yes I'm old school) of the track in SM. I just have to find them as well. I swear I'll look tommorrow, its 5 am and i just discovered this awesome forum. if I don't go to bed soon I'll fall asleep on my keyboard. Great thread by the way I've got lotsa stories.....

                          ADDITION> I found the pic, it's really bad, and I posted it in the thread best WDW secrets. It won't let me post it here, sorry. Also the pics of the BTM ride breakdown are there!
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                            Originally posted by miakoda
                            it was awesome to see the shock on everyone on that boat's face, to see two people just standing in the middle of the ride, right on the side of the mountain!
                            that's hilarious!


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                              Disgruntled CM or coincidence?

                              This isn't a "discovery" just a funny breakdown story:

                              When my ex and I used to go to MK, our favorite was BigTMR (still is for me!) We would always go before park closing and ride over and over, when the line was short during the fireworks until they made us go home. We always asked to wait for the back seat since everyone knows its the fastest! On the last time of the night, we asked for the back (it would have meant waiting for the next train b/c someone in front of us already claimed the back). We asked the people near the front of the line that tell you which row to go into and the guy at the "control desk" or whatever was like, "no, just make them get on this one". He said it kind of rudely, for a CM (I guess it was a long day, and I can't really blame him). We ended up in front ( ) and as we were climbing, um I think the second lift (after you shake all around and see the house with the people inside partying). I saw a camera and knew the guy in the control tower could see us, so I made a rude gesture. Then I said to my ex, "he will probably stick us on the ride or something to get us back." Sure enough, during the avalanche scene, the car stopped for about 3 minutes. No warnings, no "please remain seated", no nothing. It eventually started moving.
                              I doubt he could have/would have actually done that on purpose or even neccessarily seen what I did, but it was a funny coincidence!


                              P.S. My apologies to that CM should he ever see this, I was cranky and I don't blame you for being cranky too, since you were ready to get off work! Sorry for the gesture. I love all CM's!!!!!!!!
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                                Ok Ok I know SE does not breakdown just stops to let disabled/elderly/or otherwise guests on that can't just hop onto the constantly moving cars. By why does it always get stopped at least once per ride for about 5-10 minutes? It can't possibly take that long to get someone out of a wheelchair and onto the ride, can it? And why is it always at the part going backwards? Obviously it's not for the people on the opposite side, but it always is for me and from what I've read, others on the forum. I just want to get stopped at the very top b/c I love the stars and Earth and want to spend more time looking at them (especially since I heard somewhere that there's a HM in the stars. can anyone confirm this?)

                                My worst breakdown EVER was on Snow White, my ex and I rode it b/c there was no line and we were tired and just wanted to ride something. We were stuck beside a wooden cutout of the woodsman for like 30 minutes, no lie. I got so tired of looking at him. I even took my shoes off to rest my feet and took a picture of the stupid woodsman to remind me of that terrible time. The worst part was, that we were missing our fast passes for Pooh (it would have been our first time riding it) and I was BEGGING to let the ride move!

                                That being said, this thread is supposed to be about cool discoveries during breakdowns, so I want to hear some more about that! Anyone got any? Really Cool ones? Huh? huh?