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Your secret most embarassing moment

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  • Your secret most embarassing moment

    C'mon, spill! You were the doofus that...*held up the parade, made a fuss because you thought you could just show up at Cinderella's Royal Table without a reservation and be seated, asked where the fastpass machines were-right behind the CM, stood between a photopass photographer and his/her subject and only realized it when about 5 people were trying to get your attention, were responsible for a ride stopping* You fill in the space between the asterisks with your story.

    I was the doofus that whacked somebody good on the bridge of their nose with the restraint on RnRC. I was getting on and somehow tripped up as I moved across and started to fall. I instinctively put my hands out to catch myself and ended up pushing the restraint down on someone in the row in front of mine and hit them fairly hard on the nose. They were in the process of lowering themselves into the seat when out of nowhere WHAM! I decided to try to kill them for their own safety.

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    Re: Your secret most embarassing moment

    followed only by thinking I'd get a response to this thread!


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      Re: Your secret most embarassing moment

      Here goes.........GF.....swimming pool about 10 years ago......first stay....have the room robe on and at the pool playing rich person.....not a believer in swim trunk tie and just rely on the elastic.....

      Standing in the pool as usual, rest of family come down and decide to hop up and out of the pool to show them where our stuff my elbows on the pool edge to hoist myself up and out......well let me tell you....suit is full of water and the swift movement of me rising up and suit decided to fall down to my jockstrap....nothing but bare bottoms and my suit hanging on my feet and my rear on the pool deck.....well, quick slip back in.....retrieve my suit from my feet and back on....and now a firm believer of tying that cord that comes with a bathing fast...don't think anyone knew.....


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        Re: Your secret most embarassing moment

        I've probably had more than a few moments like this over the years of visiting WDW but maybe I've blocked them from my memory because I can't think of one right now. I have a vague recollection of tripping and falling somehwere but for the life of me can't remember the details. Yep, must've blocked it out.
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          Re: Your secret most embarassing moment

          Couple of years ago I was on my cell phone just out side the Firehouse Gift Station. Didn't see I was about to step off the curb and did this half fall, weird dance so I don't fall move. I'm tall so it must've look goofier than I already am.
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            Re: Your secret most embarassing moment

            Its been too long since Ive been on this forum!! Hi again!!

            White shorts...sitting on the pavement for the parade...leads to an embarassing moment when you find you sat on the remnants of someones Minnie truffle.
            Also last year, my father broke a fundamental rule - dont walk over the bleachers at Fantasmic. Fate intervened and he fell right over 2 rows!
            Not sure who was more embarassed, myself or him! (After I had stopped worrying that he might have broken all my souvenirs!)
            If the people he almost fell on read this forum - I am SO sorry!!


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              Re: Your secret most embarassing moment

              One time my mom and I were staying in MK late for Extra Magic Hours and decided to ride Dumbo (we usually don't ride at all, but since it was late and all the young kids had departed there wasn't a long line). It was the middle of summer, and if you didn't already know, LOTS of cockroaches (palmetto bugs) are around during the summer season. This flying roach landed on the lady's purse in front of us, so my mom, trying to be nice, told the woman calmly that there was a bug on her purse. By the time the lady looked down to check her bag, the bug had flown away and looked back at my mom like she was crazy. I think she thought we were trying to get her to freak out or something, but really we were just trying to do what we would've wanted done!

              Also, another time we saw a stray cat running around near Aladdin's Magic Carpets in Adventureland and ran down the side of the parade route (we were in Frontierland--this was back during SpectroMagic), trying not to lose sight of the cat. I just remember people giving us looks and when I'd say something about "keeping up with the cat" the other guests would just give me some confused stare. I just couldn't believe I was seeing a real cat in Disney World! A few years later, I found out this is a fairly common occurrence... :P


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                Re: Your secret most embarassing moment

                I cried in the line for the Nemo show. We had been waiting for ages in the hot sun and a cast member came along to tell us that the show was 'experiencing difficulties'. I started crying. The woman behind me must have thought I was mad - a grown woman crying because the show was held up, but in fact I'd just got a text from Mum to say my Dad had had his hip operation and was out of surgery and doing fine! I was so relieved that I burst into tears - it was just unfortunate that it was at the same time my husband was being told about Nemo.

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                  Re: Your secret most embarassing moment

                  Mine was at Disneyland, me and my whole extended family were lined up waiting for the Tarzan parade to begin. Tarzan went by I blew him a kiss, (I am a married man) and to my surprise and embarassment he saw me and blew me a kiss back, and yes everyone in my family saw it happen. I still haven't heard the end of it!!