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Phone Booths really work!!

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  • Phone Booths really work!!

    Today while looking up some info on Disney I found a post on tumblr that gave the phone numbers of the phone booths in Epcot Center in the UK Pavillion. The only one that works is the center one. The number is 407-827-9863.
    Its so fun to call people a talk to them. You catch the by surprise,this one guy told me that he did not know to answer it or not and sounded so confused.
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    Re: Phone Booths really work!!

    Oh the prank calls you can make.


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      Re: Phone Booths really work!!

      Ok. I'm trying this today.


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        Re: Phone Booths really work!!

        i had no idea about this lol so clever
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          Re: Phone Booths really work!!

          My daughter and I will occasionally call them from the house. Recently we were in WDW (January 2012) and we called them in person so we could see peoples reactions. It was hilarious! We stayed there for probably 20 minutes, calling the three booths and messing with people. Good times!
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            Re: Phone Booths really work!!

            My friends and I called the EPCOT one when we last went, sitting by the bathrooms in the UK. We watched someone walk in and called. I talked in a British accent and told them they needed to go on Soarin' and say hello to my pal Mickey. I think they thought it was part of the Imagineering, it was great!

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              Re: Phone Booths really work!!

              I am doing this in June. Calling and observing.
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                Re: Phone Booths really work!!

                So fun! I will defiantly try this one out. Thanks!

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                  Re: Phone Booths really work!!

                  I tried this yesterday. So cool! Although the lady that answered didn't sound to happy because apparently I freaked her kids out by making the phone ring. I think she might have been over-reacting. Needless to say it was a short call because when I asked if they were enjoying Epcot, she said "Yea" and not much else. Oh well.

                  Now I want to try it while being at the park!


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                    Re: Phone Booths really work!!

                    My friend called me onn the far left one the other day....inside the booth gets HOT!

                    Was very cool to talk!

                    Then as we left, the far right one rang...and it was Princess Jasmine!! :O)

                    Now I am totally going to call at least once a week!!
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                      Re: Phone Booths really work!!

                      I've got all three UK numbers saved. It's just to call, you never know who will answer. Last Fall we stood out of sight and would wait until someone (or group of people) would get in the phone book and then call them. It was quite entertaining.


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                        Re: Phone Booths really work!!

                        hot inside? try working in them!!