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Late Dinner and Fireworks

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  • Late Dinner and Fireworks

    My DH and I leave this coming Saturday (April 14th) for the World and are trying to squeeze in one more ADR during our trip. We are looking to do a late dinner Tuesday (April 17th). We will be spending that day at the Magic Kingdom and are thinking of doing a dinner outside the part at either the Grand Floridian Cafe, or over at the Poly at Kona Cafe or 'Ohana. We are thinking if we do a later dinner we could hang around at whichever hotel we choose to dine at and enjoy the fireworks from there. So which meal do you suggest we enjoy base on food, but also viewing of the fireworks. Also we would love to have a drink following dinner so this is another piece to factor into the equation. I know that Misners at the GF allows cigar smoking on their patio. Can you see the fireworks from there as well? Is there any place at the Poly this is allowed? Sorry for the long question but I just want to get the best evening we can out of this. Thanks for any advise!