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Jenn's Trip Report - Day 4 - Part 1

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  • Jenn's Trip Report - Day 4 - Part 1

    Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios & Lunch at Hollywood & Vine

    Let me start this day out by saying that Bill and I are really not huge fans of Animal Kingdom or the Studios. It's not because of what is there (or what isn't) or for any of the more obvious reasons... but because it seems they are always packed with people and the layout with the trees/tall buildings doesn't allow for much breeze so we end up hot and miserable within a few hours. Now... with that said... this quickly became my DREAM day (key word there... keep reading).

    We started out the morning at Animal Kingdom. We had two things we wanted to do here. First, hit Kilimanjaro Safari, second hit the Nemo musical. When we arrived at the park it hadn't opened yet and we were stopped as the opening ceremony (which you can't really see unless you're in the front two rows because of the incline of the tunnel) was going on. When it finished and they allowed folks in, we were in a ginormous mass of people, all of whom apparently had one of two goals.

    1) Hit Everest before the queue gets insane
    2) Hit the Safari before the animals disappear into the shade to keep cool

    Unfortunately, since we fell into group number 2, we were met with about a 45 minute wait by the time we all squeezed into the queue for the Safari. About halfway through which we realized we had left the camera in the car. So, what happened? Oh we saw TONS of animals... up close and personal... and caught none of it on camera.

    Because of the unexpected wait at KS we didn't get off the trip until about 4 minutes before Nemo was about to begin on the other side of the park. So, we missed it once again. We had to head over to the Studios to do lunch at Play & Dine at 11:45.

    As usual, The Studios were packed! As we walked in we were greeted by a hilarious cast member dressed as a cop riding a "horse". Most people were ignoring him as they ran to wherever they were going but I stopped and listened to him. He cracked me up. He said his name was "Officer Dunkin Donut". HAH!!

    We were still a bit early for lunch so we decided to make our way toward the new Toy Story attraction to see if we could grab any shots. On our way I go to grab a few shots of the new sign outside the animation area and of the Ariel-less poster above VoLM.

    Unfortunately there were some very high bushes moved into place so you couldn't get anywhere near it with a rather rude, female CM standing out in front. I say rude because we attempted to joke with her and said "Just look the other way, we're going to go through this opening here to grab some shots of the ride and be back." Her response was "No, I don't think so." in a very stern voice. We were just kidding lady... seriously...

    So...... since we were already there we decided to hop into One Man's Dream. Mommy being the Walt Disney fan she is, this is always like a mecca for me, so I love doing it. But, in the past we've skipped it because Aaron was just too little.

    As we turned the corner into the attraction we saw a family in front of us being presented with Dream Fast Passes. My heart sunk. Had we not wasted time with madam rudeness, we would've won.

    WAIT... huh? What do you mean? WE WON THEM TOO???? OH MY GOD!!! People I lost it. I was tearing up and shaking and just plain lost it. I GOT A DREAM!!!!!!

    As I tried to calm myself, I quickly called my mother to rub it in. "Take a picture of it" she said... so... here ya go mom...

    We then made our way through One Man's Dream... which now of course is my favorite Studios attraction BY FAR after having this memory to go along with it. The below shot of Walt came out amazing. My husband was actually taken aback by it when he saw it because it looks so real.

    Can't you just picture Walt sitting here working away on his Florida Project?

    New little "electronic media" section that we'd not seen before.

    After leaving One Man's Dream we headed over to check-in for lunch. As we sat I noticed some great theming in the windows above. It's these little touches so many folks miss, that make Disney what it is.

    At this point I'm still high on having a dream come true so there was little to upset me... but we were getting REALLY hot and had barely done a thing all day.

    We were seated as soon as the restaurant opened for lunch at Hollywood & Vine. First, let me just say that the food here is incredible. It was one of the best lunches we had the whole trip. I was truly impressed and could've kept eating and eating and eating I fear. Luckily I stopped after two full dessert plates.

    Unfortunately, Play & Dine is effected by the same issues that plague Chef Mickey's. A big restaurant with lots of tables for the characters to visit in between being interrupted to do little dances up front. We had been telling Aaron the whole trip he'd have lunch with Leo and we feared, after finishing dessert, that he was going to miss him... or, if he saw him, it'd be just like Mickey two days before... running from table to table with no "quality" time. We were so wrong...

    Leo came to our table and I said "Oh Leo, Aaron has been waiting all day to meet you! He was so afraid you weren't coming." Leo gave Aaron a huge hug and spent a really long time at our table with him. Playing and coloring and posing for pictures. I even got him to give me the "bad mommy" sign (no-no fingers) when Aaron poked him in the eye. Why? Well my response was "Well Leo if you had glass in your glasses that wouldn't happen." LOL!!

    After lunch we decided to head over and catch Lights, Motors, Action! before going back to our room for Aaron's nap. FINALLY this time the two scenes they skipped on our previous trip (before Aaron was born) were included.

    As we left LMA, we noticed new theming going up in the Muppet Area. To save on Trip Report space, I'll just link to that thread so you can see it there.

    Then it was off to our resort for a nap... for all of us... we may not have done much but the heat today was slowly getting every last bit of energy from us.

    Head Over to Our Last Report Here!
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    Wow I am totally shocked no one has said a word about this one. Especially with what it contains. LOL!!
    Sometimes all you need is a reminder that out there lies a better place... a better world... a Walt Disney World.
    Visited In: 1983, 1988, 1989 x2, 1991, 1992, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 (passholder), 2007 (x2 x3), 2008, 2009 (x2), 2010, 2011 (x2)
    “Detail is there to make you believe in the reality of the story you’re immersed in.” - Joe Rohde
    Avatar Image Used with Permission from °O°Joe


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      I just got to read it and it looks amazing- cannot wait to get down there and have a look at all the changes, I have not linked over yet. madam rudeness needs a reporting to Customer service, and the window treatments-too funny. We did a breakfast at Hollywood and Vine and it was really good, also, since it was an early (8:00A) breaksast by most standards, there were hardly any folks there and the characters really had time to spend with the kids, so Hollywood and Vine was a good choice and their director was a hoot, he had kids dancing, doing tricks, jumping around, my DD loved it.
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        Oh my goodness what a lucky lady you are!! Yes I am very jealous, maybe I will be chosen for a dream fast pass, I leave in 1 day yayayay!


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          That same cop was there last year when we went. Here's a pic of him with my mom. He never told her his name, though. Just pretended to arrest her.

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            just saw this, that's amazing Jen, that you got the fast pass. Sorry about the rude CM, there's one in every crowd, hope it didn't dampen your day (after the fast pass I doubt it, I"m sure you were on cloud 9 after that) also sorry you didn't get to see Nemo at AK, make that a must do on your next trip.
            It's kind of fun to do the impossible!


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              That's pretty amazing that you won a dream fastpass! Congratulations!!

              Glad to hear that you liked H&V. We have dinner reservations there and was a little worried after reading some comments about it.

              Too cute about the cop. DD would want to have his "horse" if she saw him.

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