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Jenn's Long Overdue Trip Report - Day 2

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  • Jenn's Long Overdue Trip Report - Day 2

    You'll see here that I've included little trip videos along the way. I recommend launching each video and clicking "Watch in HD". Trust me on this one. Because they were filmed at 720p, the standard display on YouTube is horrible! Enjoy!

    Day 2

    This trip was going to be a short one, and we knew it, so when we got our tickets, we decided not to do park hopper as it'd probably be a waste for just 2 days. Day 1 of the parks was the Magic Kingdom (of course).

    We had 8:10am ADRs at the Crystal Palace so I got everyone up bright and early to get ready. The only way to get the MK that early in the morning from the Wilderness Lodge (unless by bus or car) is to hop the boat to the Contemporary and make the walk over to the Kingdom, which was 100% fine with us. The boat ride was a great way to start our day!

    YouTube - Boat to Contemporary from Wilderness Lodge (HD)

    Once at the Magic Kingdom we had just a small wait in the Breakfast Reservations line and then we were on our way to the Crystal Palace!

    YouTube - Morning at the Magic Kingdom (HD)

    Aaron's first meal at the Crystal Palace was a great success... he slept through 95% of it and then got to see Eeyore. His second meal was a bit different in that he had started to show some fear of the characters. He shied away from them a bit and was nervous. His third meal... this meal... was sort of a mix of emotions. When he saw the characters wandering around he was full of excitement. When they came to our table however, at first he was thrilled but then after a few seconds once again became shy. This, we now know, was just a signal of things to come for this trip.

    YouTube - Crystal Palace (HD)

    Now that Aaron had reached 40" (YAY!) I couldn't wait to get him on two things at the MK... Splash and Big Thunder! So, immediately after finishing our breakfast we headed over to Adventureland to make the trek over toward Frontierland. The land was still closed when we arrived but a few minutes later the welcome message started and we were in. We cut through by Aladdin and were met with a group of CMs holding up the group to head over to Frontierland. These guys gave us a good laugh and then off we went. We grabbed some Fastpasses for Big Thunder and we headed straight for Splash and walked right on.

    YouTube - Splash Mountain (HD)

    Unfortunately, being the only ones in our boat and being right up front, we got very very wet. Aaron did NOT like that. He liked the ride but being wet ruined him for the rest of the morning. He refused to do Big Thunder and the Haunted Mansion. He was moody and upset at being cold and wet. He fought us on nearly every other ride that day except the TTA which is undoubtedly his favorite, the "teacups" and the Carousel. Still, we got him on a lot.

    We hit Peter Pan's Flight before the line got insane and then hopped onto IASW.

    YouTube - It's a Small World (HD)

    After IASW we hit Snow White, then enjoyed a "Mickey on a stick" ice cream, forgetting to use a snack credit on our dining plan (dur).

    Then we hopped onto Cinderella's Carousel

    YouTube - Cinderella's Carousel (HD)

    and the Mad Hatter's Tea Party.

    YouTube - Mad Hatter's Tea Party (HD)

    After asking if Aaron wanted to ride a few other things like Pooh and the speedway, and getting "no" answers, we headed over to Tomorrowland for a ride on the TTA. The TTA is Aaron's favorite ride and he asks about being able to get on it all the time.

    YouTube - A Ride on the TTA (HD)

    After the TTA I decided I wanted to get a ride on Space Mountain before it's refurb. Bill isn't a fan of the ride and Aaron is obviously not tall enough yet so I hopped into queue and they sat down at the Lunching Pad for a break.

    After I was let into the line they closed the ride. I was the last person in line when I suddenly realized the ride had broken down. While in the queue I started hearing messages that the lights would be turning off in 5 minutes etc. It was then I realized "OH MAN!! Had we only been on the TTA 5 minutes later!!" (we would've seen the lights on). After waiting 20 minutes in line, the ride was back in working order. Problem was, there had apparently been a mass gathering of fastpass holders during that time. So, the CMs proceeded to allow over 60 (yes I counted) passengers into the queue. When I realized that our line hadn't moved an inch about 5 minutes later, I decided I had left my family waiting long enough and headed back out to meet them.

    After a quick lunch of a Turkey Leg, some snacks and drinks, we headed onto Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin where I got my highest score ever (you'll have to watch the video for that one... don't laugh at me).

    YouTube - Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin (HD)

    We decided that it had been a busy morning thus far and we all needed a break. We headed out of Tomorrowland toward Mainstreet to catch the boat back to the resort for a little nap and to recharge (both ourselves and the batteries in my camera). When we got to Mainstreet we caught the middle of the Mainstreet performer's show. After it was over, we met up with them again as they performed a little further down. It worked out well as between the two stops I was able to get video of the entire show and splice them together!

    YouTube - Mainstreet USA Performers (HD)

    We got back to the resort and on a whim decided that instead of heading right up to our room, we'd rent a surrey bike and peddle the trails. This was SO much fun and it is something we'll definitely do again. Aaron just loved sitting up front and it was a great way to unwind in some peaceful beauty. You can catch a little of the surrey ride in the Wilderness Lodge video I posted under Day 1.

    By the time everyone had their naps it was nearly 4:00. We had ADRs for the Whispering Canyon Cafe at 6:30pm so we decided there was no point in heading back to MK only to have to head back soon after. Instead we toured the resort a bit and then decided to check in at the cafe early (5:15pm). This worked out WONDERFULLY because it gave us more time that night back in the parks and allowed us to be able to plan to see Wishes!

    The Whispering Canyon Cafe was a TRIP! The food was awesome and Aaron had a blast. KETCHUP!!! We need KETCHUP!!!

    YouTube - Whispering Canyon Cafe (HD)

    After dinner we headed over to the boat back to the Magic Kingdom. This was a great ride. There was a guy working with the Captain on the "mic" and he was a trip. He beat-boxed the theme song to IASW and kept us entertained like you'd not believe. So much so that we had to slip him a tip when we got off the boat.

    We walked into the Magic Kingdom about 20 minutes before Wishes was about to start and found a great spot over by Roy and Minnie to catch the show. I caught the entire thing on video but unfortunately it's not uploaded to YouTube yet (big upload). I'll edit this once it is, I promise!

    After the crowds had left (it was extra magic hours) we made our way back to catch Pirates and a few other rides a 2nd time, as well as let me play with my camera a bit at night and then it was back to the resort for a late night and another early morning.
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    It looks like you had a great time, the video's are really great. Aaron, I'm with you the TTA is one of my all time favorites too!
    It's kind of fun to do the impossible!