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  • Your Most Magical Moment

    Hi all! I'm going down in June for my graduation and birthday, and have been getting myself excited about it for months on various websites and listening to a certain podcast

    But I wanted to hear some more personal stories from people like myself, who love Disney. Please share some of your magical experiences with me! I'm so excited to visit but I'm dying for my Disney fix here!


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    Re: Your Most Magical Moment

    Congratulations on graduation and ealry Happy Birthday... have a great trip. We'll be taking a trip in about a week over spring break.


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      Re: Your Most Magical Moment

      Here are some of my favorite memories:

      One time we were at Wolfgang Puck Express, and I had my birthday pin on (it was about a week after, but we were still celebrating). The super sweet Cast Member brought out four free brownies for us, one for each member of our party. It really made our day. He was one of the friendliest cast members I've ever met outside of the parks.

      Another time, on Haunted Mansion, I was riding between my mom and stepdad. My stepdad, who isn't as Disney-obsessed as the rest of the family and rarely joins us for trips, did not know that the safety bar would lower automatically, and started pulling on it. The second he did, the Ghost Host could be heard: "Do not pull down on the safety bar, I will lower it for you." It gave him a bigger scare than most adults have on the Haunted Mansion don't think he realized they say that even if you don't pull down on the bar.


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        Re: Your Most Magical Moment

        Make sure you get a 'Happy Birthday' badge (button??). We had the 'Just Married' ones for our honeymoon and EVERYONE congratulated us. It was so lovely and made us feel really special.

        When we had breakfast at Crystal Palace, our server covered our table in Mickey confetti and at the character breakfast in the Animal Kingdom our server made us stand up for a round of applause.

        Have a wonderful time and enjoy your special trip.

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          Re: Your Most Magical Moment

          I'll never forget on my 2011 trip, I was at EPCOT for the first day. I never DREAMED I'd get to go then...I had been planning for months, but I was kind of in a shock that day because I was actually there. Almost numb feeling, really difficult to describe. When I was in Living With The Land (in the first greenhouse), my first attraction, it sunk in that I was actually at WDW and I started laughing. Really weird

          Oh, BTW, nice to see all of these Carolinians on here. I'm in SC, myself.
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            Re: Your Most Magical Moment

            When I was CP I got to make a few really good magical moments. But the best is when I would see guest making magical moments for other guests. I know most people think it going unnoticed, but I can tell you it doesn't. I've seen things as small as letting someone cut in line because they have a sleeping kid, all the way to buying over 100 dollars in merchandise for two kids they just met after they found out it was their birthday. As much as cast members make magical moments, guests can go the same, which to me is even more magical.


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              Re: Your Most Magical Moment

              When Matt and I visited WDW for our Honeymoon back in 2004, we had booked an Illuminations Cruise on one of the standard boats out of the Yacht/Beach club. When we arrived on the day of the cruise to check in with our skipper, we were told that a couple had just cancelled the cruise they'd booked on Breathless (the speedboat) and our Captain (Scott) asked if would like to take their place - at no extra charge. Umm... let me think... YES PLEASE! We had an amazing night and Scott was wonderful company. We were excited about the regular cruise as it was, but getting to take out Breathless was just wonderful. We felt VERY special as we were sitting under the bridge at Epcot to watch Illuminations that night. Truly magical.

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                Re: Your Most Magical Moment

                As I former CM I got to participate in several of my own - which were all great! But, I don't feel those are relevant to this post.

                1) I took a friend (Disney Virgin at the time) to WDW with me because we had a conference at the Marriott on I5 right outside of WDW. It made more sense (and saved lots of $$) to stay on property. When we first arrived at Magic Kingdom it was about 6pm. This was back several years ago during the "Year of a Million Dreams" promotion. Two fellow guests were leaving Magic Kingdom and gave us their fast pass badges. They had only used one fast pass (pirates). We hadn't even walked under the train station yet and my friend was introduced to the magic of WDW.

                2) Later the same night, we were taking our time leaving Magic Kingdom by walking through the Emporium (which was strangely empty!!) A college program CM overheard my friend and I talking about how her first day at WDW/Magic Kingdom went. The CM even took notice as to which character my friend was attracted to (Sleeping Beauty). Then all of the sudden the CM (with a couple of other CMs) surrounded my friend, burst out into song, showered her with pixie dust, and gave her a small bag FILLED with goodies (mickey rice krispee treat, sleeping beauty crown, magic towels, etc) all to welcome her on her first trip to Magic Kingdom. I was even impressed. I don't think my friend cam down from her cloud til we got home. It made a huge impression on her!