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  • Quick Questions: Unsubscribe

    Hey Everybody-

    I really love browsing these forums, but I don't like getting lots of emails when I come to check the threads anyways :P

    I know it's something incredibly simple that I'm just not seeing for whatever reason, but how do I set it so that I automatically don't subscribe to any threads, therefore don't get any subscribed thread emails?

    Thanks so much!

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    Go to your USER CP, in the red navigator bar above. Then go into your Edit Options. Scroll down until you see Default Thread Subscription Mode. There is a drop down box there, click what option you want and save.

    I have emails disabled this way, but I am still subscribed. This means I don't receive email replies, but when I look in my user cp I can still follow my subscribed threads.

    Also (forgot this part...d'oh!) within your User CP, you'll see Subscribed Threads. If you click on there, you can edit your subscriptions to threads as well.
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      You can also subscribe to a thread without getting e-mails when you go to subscribe to the thread under "Thread tools" in the red bar above the thread. When you click on "subscribe to a thread" it will give you the option of getting an e-mail notification. The "no e-mail notification" is already listed automatically in the notification type so just click "add subscription" and this way you can check on the thread in your user cp without having the e-mail notification.
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