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  • Just need autographs

    This previous xmas my MiL decided to branch out from my xmas list and get me things off of my many other Amazon lists. So I ended up getting the trivia books from Amazon rather than thru the WDW Radio store, which means they aren't autographed. So now I've got to plot a way to met Lou and get them autographed.

    ...and I WILL be acquiring ALL the audio guides before my trip to WDW in 2015.

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    Re: Just need autographs

    Easiest way I can think of is to go to a meet of the month or book a tour with Lou. If either of those options aren't in the budget, ask him if he'd be willing to set up a deal where you send the books to him, he signs them and sends them back. I'm sure Lou would be glad to do it.
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