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General Discussions Discuss Going home for the holidays... in the Community Center forums; I'm leaving today on my annual trek home for the holidays. As some of you may (or then again, you may not) recall from my doing this last year - ...
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    Going home for the holidays...

    I'm leaving today on my annual trek home for the holidays. As some of you may (or then again, you may not) recall from my doing this last year - I don't have nearly as much opportunity to get online when I'm back home, which means you probably wont hear much at all from me until I get back in three weeks.

    So, it's farewell to most of you until then. Keep it fun, keep it real, and I'll be checking back in with all of you as soon as I get the chance. Happy holidays to all who celebrate this time of year, and best wishes to everyone. I'll see you all in January.
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    Have a safe trip and we'll expect a full report when you return.
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    Happy Holidays and safe travels Don!

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    Don: Have a safe journey home and we wish you a Wonderful Crimbo!!

    Take care and we look forward to having you back on the boards in the New Year.

    Best Wishes,

    Ann & Rich

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    Have a safe trip and enjoy your family.

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    Welcome back to CT! Just a little warning...there is no snow and it's been a little on the warm side!

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    Have a nice holiday Don - despite the dial up situation.
    It would be faster to just catch up when you get back!
    Nothing to countdown to, so just smile and be happy everyday!

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    Have a wonderful holiday and a safe trip!
    They call me "Nana"

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