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General Discussions Discuss Flying with infant - Advice please? in the Community Center forums; (Some of you have already given me helpful hints - Thanx! But to open this up to the world...) I'm flying next month with 16 mo. old, 2.5 hours Ohio ...
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    Lightbulb Flying with infant - Advice please?

    (Some of you have already given me helpful hints - Thanx! But to open this up to the world...)

    I'm flying next month with 16 mo. old, 2.5 hours Ohio to Orlando (and back) - any advice? Purchase extra seat? (not required for <2 yrs) Use car seat on plane? (have to take it anyway for rental car - no we're not going to use a rental car seat) Timing of flight - early morning vs early afternoon? etc...


    Many thanx!

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    First of all, Prayer will help. Other than that, I have no suggestions but I know that there are bunches who can! Good luck!

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    as long as cost isn't prohibitive, I strongly recommend purchasing the extra seat and using the car seat on the plane (double-check that it is FAA approved first). 2.5 hours (maybe longer) is a loooong time to hold a kid on your lap. Take advantage of any pre-board options you have so you can get the car seat settled. As for time of flight, if it can be during nap-time, that might help, but most of the time that didn't work for me.

    Be sure to bring something for the little one to chew or **** on during take-off and landing, it helps with the changes in ear pressure. Lollipops are good if your kid's up to them, so are sippy cups (but fill it after going through security, and refill it from the beverage service so you have something for landing). Even munching on cheerios is better than nothing.

    Hope that helps a little.
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    I have flown three times with my son (18 months). The first trip was at five weeks flying from New Mexico back to Florida. The second at 13 months from Florida to California and back. Most recently we flew to Colorado an back for Christmas so I can now officially say that I am a well seasoned baby flyer!!!!!

    My advice...
    - save your money and let he/she ride on your lap. I spent the extra $500 for a seat to Ca and Riley ended up on my lap 99% of the time. Its nice if you have a row exclusively for your family so you can let the baby crawl about on your laps, look out the window etc..
    - Ask the clerk at check in if you can be sat near the rear of the plane. Last time we flew I made this request and ended up in the back with no one sitting within 3 rows of us..the added bonus was that the noise of the engine drowned out his baby talk (thus sparing me nasty looks from other passengers)
    - Keep baby happy - I brought his favorite snacks to munch on throughout the flight. I also wrapped up some if his old toys and let him unwrap them on the plane (seemed brand new again!)

    Overall I wouldn't stress about it too much...2.5 hours will fly by and your little one will most likely stay quite content with all the attention the flight attendants will pay him!!

    Have a great trip!
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