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General Discussions Discuss pirate and princess party fireworks! in the Community Center forums; i got this sent to me by a friend!! it is of the fireworks at the party!!@!!!!...
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    pirate and princess party fireworks!

    i got this sent to me by a friend!!

    it is of the fireworks at the party!!@!!!!
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    Bruins Country!!!
    thats great, thanks for sharing

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    Great Video... Makes me miss WDW even more!! hehehe
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    that's incredible! the music is amazing. thanks so much!

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    Thanks for sharing Kyle! I can just picture us standing on Main Street listening to Parker hum along to the PotC theme song section. Magical. I really hope that the Pirate Princess Party is successful and they plan on doing it in the years to come. Sure would like the opportunity to attend.

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    Its so purrtyful

    Thanks for sharing the video Kyle. Now, to bug my parents to take me to WDW

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    OHHHHHHH I WANT TO GO NOW!!! I WANT that soundtrack as well. i love the music!! any one know if anyone has it yet???
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