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General Discussions Discuss Schools Out!!! in the Community Center forums; We Dont Have School Tomorrow Up Here In Wi!!! Wahooo...
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    Schools Out!!!

    We Dont Have School Tomorrow Up Here In Wi!!! Wahooo
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    boo to you..

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    hey what is the scoff about the Gravity Field...that si like a HUGE DEAL TO ME!!! sorry to hear that you don't have school either and THAT IT"S SOOOOOOO COLD!!!
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    I'm from up there, so I had alllll my high school friends, people i work with, family members, basically EVERYONE that I've EVER talked to in the state of Wisconsin IM/text/call/email me this morning and throughout today to tell me. lol. So enjoy your day off. I remember those days, but I don't get days off due to cold or snow anymore. ;-)
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