Everyone here, I am sure, has some story why they love Walt Disney World so much. Sometimes is because of family, friends, the rides, maybe you just enjoy the magic.
This is just a little place to post "Your Story". I would love to hear them, and I am sure others will too. So tell us what makes this place so special to you.

As for me, this is my story.

The very first time I ever went to Disney World, Was when I was two months old. I assure you, I do not remember that trip made in 1992, But I what I do assure you of, is that my very first trip forever left a mark on my heart. I have gone to WDW many many times over the years, and every time it gets better and better. Some people ask me if it gets old, or if I ever get sick of it, and every time, my answer is "Never". The Magic never fades away, the happiness never leaves, and the wonderful feeling you have inside never shrinks.
Walter E. Disney worked so hard for a place, where people could go and just be themselves. Without having to worry about anything except how much fun you are going to have. And he has definitely created it.
It's a place for me, for you, for anyone. I love knowing I can go there and everything is going to be absolutely wonderful. Sure, every once in a while something goes wrong, but everything will be ok. Everything is ok at WDW.

I guess my story is just, I was curious.Whenever I go with my family, We have so much fun, and we feel so much magic. One day I just wanted to find out more and more and more. And once I learned a little bit, I couldn't stop. I had to keep finding something new. I love learning things about Uncle Walt. I evn bought the DVD set, "Your Host, Walt Disney" just to watch him. But not in a stalkerish way. I just wanted to see how he acted and other things. I guess really I just wanted to get to know him. I can always get to know ABOUT him, but I will never get to know the real Walt Disney. But seeing him and learning about him will be the only ways I can.
I cried alot while watching him. He was so happy to see everyone else being happy. The look in his eyes, it didn't look like he could ever get any happier. ((I am talking about the opening day of Disney Land California)) I have cried many times watching the show. I believe it was called "Kodak Presents, Disneylad '59".
I am so happy he made this wonderful world of imagination and magic.
So this is to you Walt, Thank You for everything, and may no one ever forget who was the mastermind behind it all. Again I thank you, for making it worth while.

My Hero
Gone but NEVER forgotten.