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General Discussions Discuss Credit Card Phone Scam - Alert in the Community Center forums; I got this phone call today from a Florida phone number. A woman asked for my husband, who wasn't home, so I asked if I could help her. She said ...
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    Credit Card Phone Scam - Alert

    I got this phone call today from a Florida phone number. A woman asked for my husband, who wasn't home, so I asked if I could help her. She said she was from Citibank and was calling about his account that ends in #### , that he had missed the payment due date, and that *I* needed to make a payment right now. The more I told her I knew nothing about this account and she would have to talk to him, the more aggressive she became, saying things about being from the collections department, that there would be fees compounded daily if I didn't pay... and while she flat out avoided some of my questions, she also claimed 'her computer was slow' as she 'checked' on things like late fees and previous payments made. After getting me thoroughly agitated, she finally gave me an 800 # to have my husband call back. I immediately called him at work and gave him this info, and then raced out of the house to go pick up the kids from school.

    On the way into school, another mother saw how upset I looked, and asked why. When I explained what had happened, she said "OMG, I got almost the same call last month from Bank of America. My husband said he took care of it, but they called again last week. I was wondering if it was a scam."

    Sure enough, my husband called Citibank, and they said there was nothing late on the account, that all payments had been received, so the call was in fact a scam... and that he had a balance of $596, which was not his. The card was one he used only in emergencies, and he certainly didn't have a nearly $600 emergency last week! Citibank immediately closed the account and now has to dispute the charge.

    Moral of the story - don't make any payments over the phone to someone who claims to be from a credit card company, and check your statements!
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    Do not answer any text messages telling a similar story or that asks for personal information. There has been MANY recent occurences of this around here, and has been told as a scam.

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    that stinks Pat! I'm glad you caught it though!

    Thanks for the warning.
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    I have heard of this scam only it was American Express as the "caller"
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    You should never discuss an account like this on an incoming call. You've got something like 60 days before they can even consider you "past due" to the point that you could even get an adverse event posted to your credit report, and they would have contacted you by mail several times before calling you. In other words, it would be extremely unlikely for a phone call to be the first you ever heard of a past due account.

    What I'd recommend for everyone is that you tell the person thank you for the notification, and that you'll call the customer service number printed on your credit card immediately to take care of this. If they are legitimate they will not object. If they object, reason with them. "I don't even know for sure who you are. Surely you wouldn't want me giving out my credit card information to unidentified people claiming to be employed by you? Maybe you could give me a number so I can call back after I've verified this information." That ought to be enough to get them to hang up. But if they do give you a number, by all means write it down -- it may (but probably won't) be useful in any efforts by law enforcement to track them down.

    Whether they object or not, hang up and call your credit card company to make sure there's no problem and to report the incident, just like you did. Don't try to explain or argue with the caller. Don't tell them things, like "That's impossible, I never use that card", or "But I paid my bill just last week and it wasn't due until such-and-such date". If they already have your number, these simple pieces of information can actually be useful to them. Knowing that you never use the card, for example, tells them that they probably won't be able to get much use out of the number without the credit card company flagging it, so they'll probably use it once for some big ticket item and throw it away. Knowing when you get your bill will allow them to plan when to start using your card in order to maximize how long they can use it before they're detected (if you just paid your bill, then they've got a whole month to use the card before you see your next bill and report the fraud).

    If you hang up, the worst that can happen is it could turn out not to be a scam after all. When you call the credit card company on a number you know is valid, they'll certainly tell you if there's a problem and direct you to whoever you need to talk to, even if it's the same person who called you.

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