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General Discussions Discuss Disney In September in the Community Center forums; Were going to Disney world from september 9- september 21 I just made some Dining reservations and alot of resturants were booked solid the hole time we will be there... ...
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    Question Disney In September

    Were going to Disney world from september 9- september 21 I just made some Dining reservations and alot of resturants were booked solid the hole time we will be there... which makes me nervous we always go in september just so that we dont have to deal with the crowds.. I know that the reason for the crowds is definitly the Dining plan deal...does anyone know what the crowds are going to be like or what is gooing to be closed .... If not any info is great............thanks
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    Try back at the Dining phone number in a few weeks if there was one you wanted and didnt get. The final deposits on the free DDP were/are/ will be due by the middle of August, so those who are cancelling trips will hopefully have the courstesy to call dining and cancel their ADR's also (Disney CRO asks you if you have any to cancel when you cancel the room package) A lot of ppl double book dining (2 diff restaurants for the same time--wish Disney would not let you do that but, what can ya do?) till they decide where they want to eat. Hope you get want you want. Dont forget to cancel the original if you do book.

    Crowds this year I am not sure on. I havent been for 2 years now(1st year of free DDP) It was dead that year. From what I understand the restaurants tend to be more packed then the parks. LOL

    You can find out about attraction closures from the official site. Go to and click on parks. Pick any park and scroll down on the left side column (I had a hard time finding the first time) Toward the bottom there is a link about it. Just click on that and it will take you to a separate page where you can pick which park and which month pertains to your trip. also is pretty up to date on closures. Sometimes B4 the official site....LOL

    Have fun. We will be there the 10-15 at POP. I will wave hi to your cabin/campsite as we go by on the boat. LOL
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    We were there last September from the 7th-16th for the free dining. The crowds were a little more than expected, but not bad overall. We went to extra magic night hours at MK and it was great. However the extra night hours at Epcot was crazy. Since there are only 3 major rides, the wait time was crazy! 90 minutes for Soarin! So we just walked around World Showcase. I called as soon as I could for ADR and didn't have to much trouble getting what we wanted. You might want to try going earlier or late in the day for reservations and definately call back and check for cancellations!

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    I was there Sept 05, and it was great other than sat. I have a feeling it will be busy this year. When I made my reservations this year I made two seperate and the time frame between was less than 5 min, and in that five min the diff in res numbers was 56. MAY BE BUSY this year

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