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General Discussions Discuss Oh, To Be Close Again in the Community Center forums; Well as many of you know, we cancelled our March Disneyland trip. We decided it was just too expensive to do when we could do WDW for about a quarter ...
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    Oh, To Be Close Again

    Well as many of you know, we cancelled our March Disneyland trip. We decided it was just too expensive to do when we could do WDW for about a quarter the price. So... we've booked a trip to WDW, for May. Gosh I miss the days we were only 2 hours away and could go every month, whenever we wanted, totally last minute. Now instead I'm planning trips near a year in advance.

    So here's the trip plan as it stands today... May 4th - May 8th. Staying at ASMo (we really loved it last time and I think it easily has become our favorite) in a Preferred Room (I'm requesting Toy Story but we shall see). Got the 2008 Magic Your Way Plus Dining package. This is going to be the first time we've used the dining plan. I think it's going to be a huge money saver for us because man do we spend a lot on food when we go.

    Got 3 day passes with park hopper of course. If I had to guess we'll spend the majority of our time at MK and Epcot but this time I am going to get on Everest if it kills me (when we went in June we got fast passes, went back and it was broken down with no ETR so I missed out on it). We'll also see Finding Nemo the Musical if it kills us (we were in line for the 2:00 show and it was cancelled after standing there for an hour being moved into the walkways - apparently one of the performers was hurt or something). Other than those two things at AK everything else will be up in the air as usual. I think DS will be tall enough to enjoy a lot more of the rides by then. He was 33" when he was last measured in July so I'm thinking he'll hit the usually required 40" by then for sure. I hope at least.

    I'm psyched but man it seems so far away. I truly miss the days when we would just wake up on a Saturday and say "lets go to WDW today".
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    Sorry to heasr you cancelled DL, but a trip to WDW is never wasted! LOL It's a safe bet you'll love the Finding Nemo the Musical, it;s a great show!

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    sorry about the DL but i know what you mean.. flying all that way.. AUGH!

    we lived near disney world when we were little but my parents said it was to crowded and never took us so i wont know what to do if i did live that close...and then had to move away.. i would be a mess..

    but i hope you enjoy your trip and i have the same hight troubles.. bug is like 35... i wish she could grow about 5 more inches in 3 something days.....LOL but at least she can ride the barnstormer which i know she will love she rode a mini coaster at a local park here and loved it!!! she said pat pat pat blast off!
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    I can't even imagine what it would be like to be only 2 hours away. You were so lucky. But sometimes it makes it all that much better when it's a special family vacation. I bet you don't believe me. Have fun.
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    We're only 32 Saturdays away from the 1st Saturday in May! It will be here before you know it. In 37 weeks, I have to have my household totally sorted, packed and ready to be shipped back home so this number has meaning for me too. (Actually it's sooner than that since we'll probably be packing out closer to mid May rather than Mid June.) Flying cross country is over-rated; ask any business traveler.
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    I would love to be on the same continent as WDW! I can't come back until may "2009" I don't know how i will make it that long x x

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    Sorry that you had to cancel your trip. We were suppose to go in december but we had to cancel due to money reasons.

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