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General Discussions Discuss What kind of music do you listen to?? in the Community Center forums; What's your taste in music?? Me? ~~~ I'm a Deadhead, Forever Grateful. Forever Dead. Anyone else into the Grateful Dead/Jerry Garcia on here??!...
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    What kind of music do you listen to??

    What's your taste in music??

    Me? ~~~ I'm a Deadhead, Forever Grateful. Forever Dead.
    Anyone else into the Grateful Dead/Jerry Garcia on here??!
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    I listen to Disney music especiall Supercalafragilisticexpialidocious and A Spoonful of Sugar!

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    I am really into Power Pop.

    Jellyfish, The Tories, Paramore, Powerspace, Barenaked Ladies, They Might Be Giants, the Connells...

    And of course, Disney Theme Park music!

    MouseWorldRadio is my at-work station!

    Jeff did our you like it?

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    Most of my friends will say I only listen to Disney, showtunes, and opera; but, that's only because they don't listen to any of that at all. Granted, I really do enjoy these genres...a lot. I do listen to quite a variety. It depends on my mood and what I own. There are only a few genres I really don't enjoy in some capacity. I'm not even sure I can identify a favorite. My mood lately has been "I'll listen to anything I can sing along to" which hasn't been the above mentioned Disney, showtunes, or opera. It has been hard rock, motown, disco, swing, 80s, 70s, standards, classic rock, pop, new wave, r&b, etc. Currently, "Sway" performed by Dean Martin is playing.....

    As far as the Dead themselves, I do have a few of their songs on my mp3 player...but I'm not the huge fan you appear to be. Do enjoy Phish as well?

    Here's a fun thread to do with your music collection:

    It's interesting to see what everyone's collections contains!
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    On the radio, I want easy listening or classical. On my ipod I want Disney tunes, Show tunes, or dance music; Crystal Waters, LibertyX, NSYNC, Vanessa Williams, Ace of Base, Backstreet Boys - anything with a good beat for walking.
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    I hear all types of musics. But i like classic types of musics very much. I got very pleasure in hearin this types of musics.

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    Anything BUT Rap and Symphony..

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