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General Discussions Discuss Help a Disney grad student with her studies in the Community Center forums; Hi, I'm a Disney fan and a grad student. This past semester I have been doing an independent study which involves Disney (good reason to read lots about something that ...
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    Smile Help a Disney grad student with her studies

    Hi, I'm a Disney fan and a grad student. This past semester I have been doing an independent study which involves Disney (good reason to read lots about something that I love).

    Anyway, I am looking to gather information from different people about their experiences with Disney and the Internet -- when did they become Disney fans, did they visit WDW or Disneyland during their childhood, how does the Internet play a role in their support and love of Disney?

    Please feel free to post your response here, and encourage others to share their stories.

    Thanks. Michelle

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    went to WDW in 2003? first time, wandered off and met an imagineer, i was looking at new construction for something, and he walked up to me and started talking to me, as part of the convo. he said oh, yeah i designed that... it stuck with me so i got home and found this whole disney world online, with DWT, Screamscape, and all the music downloads, etc... that help...

    good luck, it sounds like a really good research project
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    I became a Disney fan in the early 50's while watching the World of Disney on television. Although my family never managed a vacation to CA, there was always talk about going. I never actually visited a Disney park until 1974, when my husband and I were stationed in CA with the Air Force.

    My fanaticism didn't really begin to form till 1990 when my husband and I went on a vacation to Disney World. We'd been a few times before with our daughter, but this was our first trip with just the two of us since that very first trip. We purchased a framed cartoon cell, and with that, I began collecting memorabilia in earnest. In 2000, my daughter became a Disney cast member, which has helped feed my addiction. Since that time, my husband gave me a Brother embroidery machine that allows me to decorate almost anything with a Disney flair. My friends usually do a "Mickey count" when they see me. They know I rarely leave the house without something Disney.

    I use the Internet to keep abreast of Disney items to purchase as well as Disney news. I also use the Internet to meet and chat with people who are as interested, as I am, in all things Disney. Living overseas can be a bit lonely at times, and I love this connection, especially at this site where generally people are warm and friendly. I've even been able to meet, in person, some UK Disney fanatics through DWT, which has been especially fun.

    In 3 months, my husband retires, and we will be moving to Kissimmee, FL. My dream is to become a cast member at WDW.
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    My dad was in the navy and he took us to DL all the time when we were in Cali. Those are some of my best memories. He loves Disney and studied Walt for years, and taught us the love of the "Disney immersion concept" which was really a first in American amusement style parks, we have all been fans ever since. We love the history, tradition and "magic" of Disney and the concept of imagine, believe, become. I found DWT before we went to WDW for the first time and was not active the first years or so, but when I stared planning trip two, I became a DWT junkie and have made some great online friends here. Since I work 50-60 hours a week, this is my version of friends and social interaction and since it is devoted to (mostly) all things Disney, it is always has safe content. My DD is almost 8 and she loves to come on here and read TR's, reviews, listen to Lou's bits of wisdom and find new things for us to explore on our next trip. It has also helped her with her grammar, she notices every spelling and grammar mistake we make. Disney is always about hope and dreams, and we enjoy the poosibility that everything will come out right if you "only believe." (Also the title of a Smith Wigglesworth book I am studying). So there is my contribution. Hope it helps.
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    I will tell you all the info later,busy at the moment, subbing so I dont forget this thread.

    Just wanted to say welcome to the site. WELCOME!
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    I went to WDW for the first time in November 1971 about a month after the Magic Kingdom first opened and right before my second birthday! I've been back more times than I can remember since then. I was lucky enough to have Grandparents who lived about 45 minutes from WDW so we were usually down there a couple times a year. They only year out of my entire life that I didn't make at least one visit to WDW was 2004 when I was pregnant with my 2nd child and was put on bedrest!

    So I have been a Disney fan pretty much my entire life and will be as long as I live! I have never been to Disneyland, but plan to some day.

    It is great having these Disney Forums to post and share our stories and experiences with other people who get the Disney obsession! I've met some wonderful lifelong friends simply because they share my love of Disney and found their way to this site!

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    Sorry, this is a tad off topic and I'll write my response later for sure but I just wanted to say...Virginia! How awesome is that?! We are defnitely going to have to meet
    I'm about as All-American as they come!
    Must get a new trip on the books! I'm dyin' here!

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