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General Discussions Discuss Does Disney have a cheap walk-in rate? in the Community Center forums; My hubby, 16 year old and I are flying down to FL for the Space Shuttle launch Memorial Day weekend. We are booked Sat and Sun in Cocoa Beach. If ...
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    Question Does Disney have a cheap walk-in rate?

    My hubby, 16 year old and I are flying down to FL for the Space Shuttle launch Memorial Day weekend. We are booked Sat and Sun in Cocoa Beach. If we come down Friday afternoon is it possible to get a room at a WDW resort, like if someone had to cancel and Disney wouldn't be using the room anyway??? Or is this just wishful thinking?

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    Unfortunately it's probably just wishful thinking. The chances of you getting an on property room without a reseration are slim let alone getting a lower rate for it. That said, don't give up hope... instead call 407-WDW-MAGIC before you head over and see what they can tell you is available.
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    Always worth a shot at getting a room, but it won't be "cheap" and being that it's Memorial Weekend chances are probably slim to none that you'd even be able to get a room, but it can't hurt to try! The worst they can do is tell you "no"!

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    You get the cheap rates at WDW hotels by booking in advance and watching for discount codes, not by booking at the last minute. If (and it's a big if) anything is available when you walk-in, you will most assuredly pay the absolute highest rate available.

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    A few times ago.... summer I think last year... there was a family trying to add a room to a reservation. Disney is almost always going to have "a room" available, but as was the case on that trip, they charge full rack rate. At the value resorts, this can still gat way upwards of $100 (don't think I've ever seen them over $200).

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    That weekend, in that part of the country, with a shuttle going, better bet might be to look for anything you can get on travelocity.
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