Here is my latest blog about podcasts and I would like to hear our thoughts about them.

Newspapers… on the radio… on television….. news on the internet……these have been the main sources of ways to receive information. The latest form of passing along information to people is through podcasts.

Several years ago there were a handful of Disney related fan websites. Now there are hundreds of them throughout the internet. Some of the websites decided to expand their viewership and reach new fans through the podcasting medium. Many now produce weekly shows that offer things such as news, rumors, interviews, audio clips, and games. As with the many Disney websites, most of the podcasts are going to contain the same basic news and rumors items, but each has its own uniqueness of flow, structure, and style of their podcast. Some are longer than an hour, while there are some that run as short as 15 minutes. That is what makes each podcast a bit different. Many times people are limited in how much time they have to listen to podcasts, thus the shorter podcasts are better for them. Conversely, if you are someone who commutes and has plenty of travel time, a longer podcast helps pass the time for you.

Some of my weekly favorites include such longer shows like Lou Mongello’s WDW Radio Show, Ricky Brigante’s Inside the Magic podcast and Tom Corless’ WDW News Today podcast. Since I am sometimes limited to the length of time I have available to listen each week, the shorter podcasts tend to work better for me. My favorites for this category include the Matt Hochberg’s WDW Today podcast and Nathan Rose’s Magical Definition podcast. But my favorite podcast of them all is Van’s podcast. This podcast is unique. It still provides Disney news like the others, but Van does with a different flair. His delivery, style, and take on Walt Disney World is different than other podcasts. If you haven’t listened to it, give it a try and you will see what I mean.

Podcasts are not for everyone. There is only so much time we all have each week to relax and sometimes we get enough information through newsletters and websites to make do. For others who can find the time and can’t get enough Disney talk, then head over to iTunes and give some various podcasts a listen. Who knows maybe you will find one that you like and it will help give you a Disney fix until your next vacation!