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General Discussions Discuss An Epiphany in the Community Center forums; As I made my daily rounds today to all of the sites I check out regularly, I was struck with a thought i felt I must share... I really like ...
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    An Epiphany

    As I made my daily rounds today to all of the sites I check out regularly, I was struck with a thought i felt I must share...

    I really like this board.

    Seriously, I have been going to a couple of others for several months now, but they were all so well established with so many members that I don't really feel like a big part of things. I say what I have to say, and discuss the things I feel knowledgeable about, but I don't feel like part of the gang.

    I like this board because we are still fairly small. I feel like I've gotten in at the beginning of something cool. I recognize the names of the other people posting, and notice when someone new comes along.

    So thanks gang! Thanks for being one of my favorite stops on my daily journey through my favorites list.

    ok... back to work!

    by the way.... I finally earned my B Ticket status!! Woo Hoo!!
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    Smile Thank you!!!

    Wow... Harry, I can't thank you enough for your kind words.

    I, with the help of all of you of course, have worked hard to create the type of community you described. I also felt a bit lost and overwhelmed at some of the other big sites. Plus, I found that so much of the discussion wasn't even about Disney, and often people were a little on the rude/hostile/(insert term here) side.

    I really wanted to build a friendly, welcoming community that WDW and Disney fans, whether they be seasoned veterans or first time visitors, could enjoy and actively participate in.

    We have a really great, growing community here with really wonderful members, and I will endeavor to keep it that way.

    Of course, this all falls on you and the rest of our "founding members" as I like to call you. Without you, there would be no site. Your participation, friendliness to one another and new members, coupled with the knowledge and interest we all share makes this site a success.

    We have carved out a nice little corner of the web for ourselves, and I hope that you will invite others that you think would appreciate and enjoy the site to join. With your help, the site can continue to grow and become more popular, while still remaining the same, friendly place it has always been.

    I'm in the process of adding a ton of trivia content to the main site (as many of you who see and IM me late at night can attest to), and implementing additional features to futher enhance the experience. I will also likely be purchasing dedicated servers for the site in the very near future to allow for continued growth, speed, etc.

    Again, thank you to Harry and everyone else for their kind words and support of the site. Like I've always said,"my door is always open", so please IM, PM, email, smoke signal or whatever me if you have any suggestions, questions, etc. I love hearing from you!

    Thank you all once again.


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