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General Discussions Discuss Whose video or pictures are you in? in the Community Center forums; Whenever I am at WDW I invariably walk through someones video or picture. I try not to do this but it still happens. This made me wonder; am I an ...
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    Whose video or pictures are you in?

    Whenever I am at WDW I invariably walk through someones video or picture. I try not to do this but it still happens. This made me wonder; am I an unwilling extra in someones favorite vacation video or picture? Am I lurking in the background of a beloved snapshot or loping through the frame of a vacation video? I'll bet I am. I also bet some of you are too. Do you have a favorite WDW picture with unwanted extras? If so, please post it in this thread. I think the results may be amusing.

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    Re: Whose video or pictures are you in?

    If you made it to the Adventurer's Club event, then more then likely you are in MANY pictures and videos!
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    Re: Whose video or pictures are you in?

    I always wonder that! Simply also because we have so many random people in our pictures too!!
    I have a brilliant picture of my sister with Minnie...and someone else standing on the other side of the lovely mouse. And my mum in one of the race cars outside the speedway, but we managed to take the picture including the person in the car next to hers - they are posing too! :-)

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    Re: Whose video or pictures are you in?

    Before digital cameras, I confess I used to be in the background of many pictures... normally pulling a silly face. I'm sure it provided a few laughs for people when they got their pictures developed. I did avoid "keepers" like the characters photos or family photos by the castle, but I'm sure i have provided a few amusing moments in videos and old film pictures.

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    Re: Whose video or pictures are you in?

    In June of 1990 someone has to have my son, then 3 in their videos of the afternoon parade. Wish I did. He was with my parents watching the parade and his beloved Pooh came marching by. The kid bolted from my parents, under the rope, joined the parade by grabbing Pooh's legs with a big bear hug. Guess he nearly knocked poor Pooh over. Security removed him from Pooh's leg and returned DS to his Grandparents. Someone has got to have this on tape.

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