If there are any current or former cast members who can assist me with my D23 subscription, I would appreciate it.

My husband and I are D23 Charter members and during the charter year, we received our D23 magazine like clockwork. However, after we renewed, we have not received our magazine. For the Spring issue, my husband had to e-mail D23 and we eventually received the magazine. However, the Summer issue has been out and we've yet to receive it. My husband e-mailed D23, but received no response. I e-mailed Guest Services and received a response, but still no magazine. We received an e-mail late yesterday that said the magazine was back-ordered. WHAT?? I don't understand why we have yet to receive the magazine, but the bookstores have had their copies for some time. We even visited the Contemporary Resort last week and they had their copy.

I'm so disappointed in Disney and the service (or lack thereof) that we have received and I want to mail a complaint to Disney and speak with someone to get the matter resolved. At this point, I simply want the magazine that we paid $75 for. It's very un-Disney-like and I'm very disappointed.

Does anyone know of an address, phone number, fax number, contact name, etc. where I can address a complaint.