***my wednesday night midnight show of Star Wars... I tried really hard to talk about the movie without giving spoilers. If you notice anything that would be a bad spoiler, please tell me and i will remove.***

I went Wednesday night to the midnight showing of Star Wars.
It was totally awesome.
Tomah was showing it on two screens, so once you got there you were seperated into the left group and the right group depending on which screen your ticket is for. I was on the right side... I found alot of friends over there so that was cool.
I ended up hanging out with Mr. Smith, Alicia, and BJ for the two hours before the show.
After talking, I found that Alicia is really an awesome sci-fi geek. I never knew that about her! I should have figured though... look at her Dad. *shrug* I love it.
I basically became an honorary daughter of Mr. Smith... I fit in perfectly with their family apparently.
So before we went to our screens, there were door prizes. yay! some really awesome stuff was given away. But.. my luck always ****s and so I didn't win anything.
Then we all go into the theater... I'm between Mr. Smith and some lady that I don't know but she looks familiar because it's Tomah and you've seen everybody at least once here.
I'll try to describe my Star Wars experience without giving spoilers...

The words scroll up the screen and the music plays and I'm in awe... can it get any more awesome than this? I'd never seen a Star Wars movie in a stadium seating theater. The second episode came out before we had our theater in tomah so i saw it in sparta. Anyways... the words look so cool from up high.
And... it does get more awesome.
The beginning battle scene is so freaking amazing! I'd never seen anything that great before in my life!
Then... the banter between Obi Wan and Anakin is just great. It really shows the close relationship they have and I love it.
Throughout the movie, one thing I loved was the little extras like... mostly it was with droids, but every once in a while you can hear little phrases like "ouch" or a sarcastic "excuse me"...
ANd Artoo... he seems much more like a living being. You can see more of his personality in this movie.

This movie made me cry several times... sometimes because of what's happening at the present and sometimes because it makes me think of what happens in their futures and how things had become so horribly twisted.
There are some scenes which just left me in horrified shock and awe.... but it is almost necessary to have those scenes so that we can completely understand the **** that these characters and universe in general went through... it helps you to understand their state of minds in the original movies.

Little extras from me:

Yoda kicks butt
Anakin is still hot even when he's totally evil
Palpatine is hilarious
Obi Wan's angstiness only makes him sexier
Anakin = angst, Vader = cheeZe (really, there is one part that is so cheeZy I burst out laughing in the theater)
Luke and Leia are adorable
Self-fulfilling prophesies ****
everybody loves my hair in Leia buns