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General Discussions Discuss If Disney Owned LotR in the Community Center forums; So with SWW opening up I got to thinking about other movie theme ideas.... What if Disney acquired the rights to Lord of the Rings? (and now you know one ...
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    If Disney Owned LotR

    So with SWW opening up I got to thinking about other movie theme ideas....

    What if Disney acquired the rights to Lord of the Rings? (and now you know one of my other true passions! BTW, you have to see the books and movies as seperate entities.....)

    How cool would it be to have something like that for LOTR.... so the question of the day.....what LOTR ride, display, attraction, exhibit would you like to see?

    I would love it if someone brought the LOTR Symphony to a park.

    A Shire playground for kiddos (everything would be the right size if it was scale!)

    Imagine the ride they could make out of Bara'Dur...(think Twilight Zone Tower of Terror)

    How about a ride through the mines of Moria? (ala BTMRR)

    ETA: Of course, it would only work if they got PJ to consult like they did with Lucas

    Some other ideas from other people:

    Maybe a waterfall flume ride at the River Anduin, and fall down the Falls of Rauros.

    "The Ring" can be like one of those things that turns you upside down, all the way around to the other side, like "Ring of Fire".

    DaddytoMJM thinks they should do a roller coaster through Barad-Dur.

    Or a Minas Tirth/Osgiliath rollercoaster?

    Yeah...everything could be in the corresponding places to where they are in Middle at the farthest east of the park, would be the biggest, roughest roller coasters, up north would be the "Shire", etc...
    And have you ever been on the Jaws ride at Universal Studios? You're on the boat in the water, and flame pops up all around you, and you can actually feel the heat (I went on when I was little, so it scared me pretty bad. ), and the big plastic shark comes up right by the could do something like that with fire in the Dead Marshes...even though they didn't ride in boats.

    How about a romantic swan boat trip through Rivendell?

    A dark tunnel travel simulation through Fangorn perhaps?

    Perhaps Saruman could sit in a tent a predict your future in the Palantir for a small some of gold........or longbottomleaf.

    In replace of the Haunted House there could the Paths of the Dead of course complete with skull avalanche.

    Perhaps a quiet rafting ride thru Rivendell to Lothlorien. Picnic lunches in the Shire (and hobbit holes for younger children to run mazes thru). Bree would be the Grown up area, with a pub type restaurant.

    There could be a maze through Mirkwood....a haunted house through the Paths of the Dead sounds great... So does the pub area in Bree...there could also be a haunted house in Shelob's Lair.

    How bout a sled ride down Caradhras?

    Rafting down the Anduin
    How about a fortune teller's pavillon with the Mirror of Galadriel?

    The Carrousel of course would be Rohan Horses with Rohhirc names
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    I have never read/seen any of the LotR stuff... But I have to say the park sounds interesting!!!

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