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General Discussions Discuss Life aside from Disney (questionaire) in the Community Center forums; Originally Posted by akur I used to decorate cakes also! I would do logos for office parties and board game ones for children's party. then I got carpal tunnel and ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by akur
    I used to decorate cakes also! I would do logos for office parties and board game ones for children's party. then I got carpal tunnel and couldn't squeeze that thingee anymore. I still have tons of pans!
    Me too! Not the carpal tunnel part though. The kids just grew up! I made a cake for Easter (the Bible shaped one) and took it to our family dinner and SHOCKED the in-laws. They had no idea! It was the first cake I have made in YEARS! But still have all those pans. Maybe one day I will get to make a wedding cake. Two of mine are engaged. The oldest one WAS engaged, but they broke it off.
    They call me "Nana"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goofygirl
    Also, in case there is someone out there who does not know, I'm Stitch's mom.
    See, I didn't know that!
    "What ARRRRGH you doing?"

    "What are you doing?"
    "No, What ARRRRGH you doing?"
    Cap'n Jack lives again!
    "I'll try anything once or twice, that's the kind of mouse I am"

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    FavColor: I'll just say Forest Green, even though I really do not have one.
    Fav Movies: Rocky, The Natural, The Godfather, Billy Madison, Donnie Darko, Hoosiers

    Fav Author: IDK, I really dont read that much exept for Magazines

    Fav Genre: Im a fan of sports Movies, and Music wise I like evrything It goes from Jimmy Buffett to Bone Thugz n' Harmony

    Fav Animal: Um, eh... Parrot, yes parrot.

    fav Food: Im a huge fan of Almonds, and cashews.

    Hobbies: Ive really started to get into fitness, so i workout alot now. I also enjoy goin' out with my friends.

    Maritial STatus? KIds? Nope no ring yet, no kids I hope

    Passions: Trying to improve myself as much as possible, and of course the Moose.

    Somthing people wouldn't know about me? I'am acctually the nicest person on earth.

    Something Im proud of myself for?
    Droping 75 lbs of fat, and gaining 15 lbs of muscle. Goodtimes.
    60% of the time it works everytime

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    Favorite color: Blue

    Favorite Movies: Ladyhawk
    Favorite Authors: Tolkien, Anthony, Anne McCafferey, Lucado, Swindoll,Lewis
    Favorite Genres: Fantasy

    Favorite Animal: Dolphins

    Favorite Food: Pizza
    Hobbies: computer, drawing

    Marital Status? Kids? Married (25 years last March 1st), Two(Jessica 13, Tiffani 9)

    Passions: Church and helping others, coaching sports

    Something ppl wouldn't know about you:
    My intrest in reading , Most have no idea that I read fantsy, also that all my art is self taught no formal training.
    Something you are proud of yourself for: Getting my degree and dedicating my life to Christian Education

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    Favorite color: Orange

    Favorite Movies: Star Wars, Pulp Fiction, Batman, The Chinese Connection (Old Bruce Lee movie)

    Favorite Authors: Piers Anthony, Steven King

    Favorite Genres: (Movies) Fantasy: The Neverending Story, Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal

    Favorite Animal: Fox

    Favorite Food: anything Italian, Chinese, or Spicey

    Hobbies: Drawing, Writing, cheesing around the internet

    Marital Status? Engaged

    Passions: Just drawing

    Something ppl wouldn't know about you: Had to get an appendectomy in 6th grade, then an adhesion removal from the appendectomy the year later.

    Something you are proud of yourself for:
    Getting through all my college so far without ever taking out a loan.
    having Joyce say yes to my proposal
    and (one more for the heck of it)
    working for Disney twice, even if the job did somewhat.....stink, can still put it on my resume
    All the people will look up and shout: "Save us!" and I'll whisper...'no'.

    Who watches the watchmen?

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    Favorite color - pink!

    Favorite movies - the never ending story, les misarables, say anything, under the tuscan sun

    Favorite authors - amy tan, cs lewis, philip k ****, nick hornsby, I will read anything!

    Favorite Genres - anything that makes you think

    Favorite animal - horses of courses!

    Favorite food - sushi, key lime pie

    Hobbies - painting, drawing, riding horses

    Maritial status? Kids? - single mom to a 3yo (that's right prince charming - its your lucky day)

    Passions - I am passionate about agriculture, politics, and foriegn affairs

    Something people wouldn't know about me - I love opera music, I still sleep with my teddy bear, I am not ticklish, I remember my dreams every night, and I can yodel

    What I am most proud of - completing my MS as a single mom and graduating with highest honors
    Sisterhood of the traveling pirate in the pants: charter member

    A friend will help you mend a broken heart; a best friend will get a shovel and help you dig the hole.

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    Favorite color - brown

    Favorite movies - casablanca, the godfather, the godfather part 2, goodfellas

    Favorite authors - kate chopin, leo tolstoy

    Favorite Genres - 1800s european literature

    Favorite animal - bunnies are very cute

    Favorite food - i never eat pizza, but it is still my favorite because i could eat it every day and never get tired of it.

    Hobbies - shopping, reading, traveling, spending time with my man, playing piano

    Maritial status? Kids? - not married, but hoping to be in a year or two, and no kids for at least another ten years.

    Passions - medical things, staying healthy

    Something people wouldn't know about me - i still watch the disney channel sometimes, even though i should be too old for it.

    What I am most proud of- being a senior in college with a 3.86 gpa, and still being on track to graduate in 2010, right on time.
    July 1994- off site
    February 1999- Port Orleans Riverside
    March 2000- Caribbean Beach
    January 2004- off site
    February 2006- Pop Century
    April 2006- off site
    January 2007- Pop Century
    December 2007- Coronado Springs
    December 2008- Pop Century
    December 2009- Coronado Springs/All Star Sports
    Next trip: December 2010- All Star Music

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    Favorite color - Blue (but only because gray technically isn't a color)

    Favorite movies - Schindler's List, The Cutting Edge, Animal House

    Favorite authors - Modessitt, Campbell, Eddings, Saylor

    Favorite Genres - History, SCIFI, Mystery

    Favorite animal - whales

    Favorite food - meat

    Hobbies - reading, snowshoeing, plotting the demise of my enemies

    Maritial status? Kids? - Married, Childfree.

    Passions - This Grand American Republic, the Constitution

    Something people wouldn't know about me - I'm secretly a fanatic. Once I'm convinced what I'm doing is "right" I'm implacable.

    What I am most proud of- just doing my part.

    SITTM, No Retreat, No Surrender!

    Our Highly Trained Experts Are Always Prepared To "Assist" You.

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    Hoosier State
    Favorite color: Orange

    Favorite Movies: Little Miss Sunshine, War of the Worlds, Eagle Eye, and others

    Favorite Authors: I don't really like any one author more than the other

    Favorite Genres: History, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Factual

    Favorite Animal: I like just about all animals.

    Favorite Food: It's hard to pick just one, more recently it has been patty melts.

    Hobbies: (Not including Disney) I like newspaper comics, learing about new things and technology, computers

    Marital Status? Kids? I'm single. No wife or kids because I am 17.

    Passions: (Not including Disney) Equal rights to people and animals. Music, Photography.

    Something ppl wouldn't know about you: A lot of you know a lot about me already but to recap...I have a type A personality (A-nal retentive), I have big feet, I am tall, and I had back surgery coming up on 2 years now.

    Something you are proud of yourself for: Getting accepted to college, getting good grades in school, and having such great friends.
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    Favorite color: Periwinkle

    Favorite Movies: All Harry Potter Movies, Return to Me, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Bridget Jone's Diary, All Star Wars Movies, Grease

    Favorite Authors: J.K. Rowling, Anne Rice

    Favorite Genres: Fiction, Fantasy

    Favorite Animal: Dolphin

    Favorite Food: Chocolate

    Hobbies: scrapbooking, photography, photo editing, reading

    Marital Status? Kids? Married with 3 kids (7, 5, and almost 2)

    Passions: Photography

    Something ppl wouldn't know about you: I used to be goth in high school. I've been at the same job for 16 years.

    Something you are proud of yourself for: Being at the same job for 16 years.
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    - Jaymie

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    Favorite color: Green

    Favorite Movies: The Dark Knight, Star Wars, LOTR Trilogy, T2

    Favorite Authors: Jimmy Buffett, Chuck Klosterman

    Favorite Genres: Adventure, Drama, Comedy

    Favorite Animal: Cat

    Favorite Food: A Good Cheeseburger

    Hobbies: Running, Music, Movies, TV

    Marital Status? Kids? Married, 9 years Son, 1.5 years

    Passions: My wife and son, fixing our government, food

    Something ppl wouldn't know about you: I'll get back to you on that one

    Something you are proud of yourself for: Being a good Dad, finishing a half marathon
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    2001 - Caribbean Beach
    2008 - Pop Century
    2010 - Port Orleans Riverside

    I proudly support The FairTax!

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    The basement at the Alamo.
    Favorite color: Blue

    Favorite Movies: Raiders of The Lost Ark; The Princess Bride; the Rocky saga; The Good, The Bad and The Ugly; The Road Warrior; Big Trouble In Little China; Ghostbusters; Backdraft; CLUE........

    Favorite Authors: Robert Heinlein, Stephen King, Ian Fleming. E.A. Poe.

    Favorite Genres: Comedy.

    Favorite Animal: Tigers.

    Favorite Food: Good.

    Hobbies: Martial arts, physical fitness, history, foreign language.

    Marital Status? Kids? Single, and none that I know of.

    Passions: Coaching (I've been told that I become a whole other person), 1970-75 American automobiles, doing all that I can to be one of the "good guys," since there's waaay too many of the bad out there.

    Something people wouldn't know about you: I drink Beverly voluntarily.

    Something you are proud of yourself for: Being told by men I respect as consummate warriors that they were proud to have served with me.

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    6,976km from Cinderella Castle / 408km from Sleeping Beauty Castle
    Favorite color - pink, purple, lilac

    Favorite movies - The Princess Bride, 50 First Dates, Labyrinth, Miss Congeniality (sp?).

    Favorite authors - Terry Pratchett, Barbara Erskine & Davis Mason

    Favorite Genres - a real mix

    Favorite animal - Dolphins, sea turtles, manatees

    Favorite food - hot buttered toast (homemade bread and real butter)

    Hobbies - baking, making jewelry, handmade cards, scrapbooking.

    Maritial status? Kids? - Engaged with 2 boys that are about to be 11 & 7 (am i really that old!!)

    Passions - Helping my DS to deal with learning difficulties and making both DS's have childhoods they will love to remember all their lives

    Something people wouldn't know about me - I can drive steam trains and have also trained sealions

    What I am most proud of - Finding the strength to fight back when someone has tried to destroy me
    x FIONA x
    1989 WDW Offsite1990 WDWOffsite1991Offsite/Contemporary1992 EuroDisney Offsite(schooltrip)
    1992 WDW Offsite/GrandFloridian2001 DLP Davy CrocketRanch2008 Offsite villa/Contempoary
    2009DLP Hotel Santa Fe 2010Clearwater/get married/POR
    Sisterhood of the travelling pirate in the pants

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conceited Ape View Post

    Passions: Coaching (I've been told that I become a whole other person), 1970-75 American automobiles, doing all that I can to be one of the "good guys," since there's waaay too many of the bad out there.
    I'm glad I get to witness that once in a while! You definitely have that to fall back on once you're done saving the world. That last bit reminded me of something out of Preacher...

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    Favorite color - Green (since black is not a color), pink.

    Favorite movies - St.Elmo's Fire, Enchanted, Breakfast Club, Pretty Woman, Ever After, just to name a few.

    Favorite authors -I'll admit, don't really have any.

    Favorite Genres - Is this for books or movies? Movies, definitely comedies. Books, I like biographies.

    Favorite animal - Tigers.

    Favorite food - Pikilia.

    Hobbies - Painting, decorating, photography, gardening, planning trips.

    Marital status? Kids? - Single with two great boys, 4.5 and 6.5.

    Passions - Travel, making our house our home.

    Something people wouldn't know about me - I am an artist, although self proclaimed...and I really need to be online less and creating more.

    What I am most proud of - My boys, "owning" my own house, being good at my job(s), my solid friends.

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