Hi Folks,

I am not on the "Dream Team" this time around (sorry, Lou you announced too late, and I was already committed to another charity), but I am looking for some images to use within a fund raising video. I'm scouring my collection from previous runs at Disney World, but I'm still looking for the following:

  • Mile Markers
  • Mickey Mouse Head Soft Pretzel (yes, from a couple of years ago)
  • Gel Packet
  • Aid Station
  • Aid Station Drink Cup
  • Cinderella's Castle (w/runners coming out of it)
  • Sorceror Hat (w/runners near it)
  • Tree Of Life (w/runners near it)
  • Spaceship Earth (w/runners near it)
  • Mickey Mouse Head Ice Cream Bar
  • Start Line
  • Finish Line
  • Misc. Half or Full Marathon Photos

I will post a link to the finished video when I am done. I promise to run with you all for "Make A Wish" next time; this year I am running for a Cancer charity.

Thanks In Advance For Your Help,


Happy Keller