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General Discussions Discuss Reason for loving Disney/being a Disney fan in the Community Center forums; I was listening to a podcast the other night on Disney Driven Life, and also I have been reading a book, Inside the Mouse: Work and Play at Disney World, ...
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    Question Reason for loving Disney/being a Disney fan

    I was listening to a podcast the other night on Disney Driven Life, and also I have been reading a book, Inside the Mouse: Work and Play at Disney World, The Project on Disney . In both cases, there was a point brought up that people who "love/are obsessed" with Disney had some sort of traumatic event in their life happen, and therefore turned to Disney for "comfort".

    Speaking from experience, I have had to deal with some situations in my life, where yes, I did "turn" to Disney for "comfort", either by watching a movie, listening to a podcast, or during a visit to the park. But I am not sure I agree this is the reason I LOVE Disney. I love Disney because of many different reasons. (I don't know if I want to list them, it may be too long of a list haha). Yes, Disney does take away "real life" for a while and makes you feel happy. But a lot of other things do too.

    Just curious what everyone else thinks?
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    Re: Reason for loving Disney/being a Disney fan

    I can definitely relate to this. I've been a fan of Disney ever since I was a little tot, but really immersed myself in to all the animations and characters when I was about 7 when we had a tragedy that literally ripped my family in pieces. One day I was living with my mum and dad and brother and sister in a close-knit family unit and the next it was just me and my parents. I know that the Disney characters gave me a lot of comfort as I felt very much alone for a long time and I certainly felt that Mickey and the gang were my friends - it sounds cheesy, but they helped me get through a tough time in my life when I was too young to probably know where else to turn.

    Even now, if I'm having a bad day, I just have to throw a Disney DVD in the player or listen to the park music on my iPod and I go straight to my happy place.


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    Re: Reason for loving Disney/being a Disney fan

    No traumatic event for me, just the best vacation ever. I couldn't believe how much I liked it.

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    Re: Reason for loving Disney/being a Disney fan

    I was brainwashed as a kid. I didn't stand a chance.

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    Re: Reason for loving Disney/being a Disney fan

    I liked going to Disney as a kid and teenager (we only went about 4 times), but then when I started dating my now husband, his family are big fans. The real obsession didn't start until I got engaged and started planning a honeymoon (to Disney of course). In the 16 months we have been married we have been to Disney 5 times.
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    Re: Reason for loving Disney/being a Disney fan

    I was very fortunate and have had a fairly easy life. My appreciation of Disney came from visiting the parks in the mid 70s and then moving to Florida as a teen. I've been able to go to WDW dozens of times and I love the attention to detail and the way you are immersed into the experience. I can't relate to the trauma angle.
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    Re: Reason for loving Disney/being a Disney fan

    I remember watching The Wonderful World Of Disney on Sunday nights as a kid. Grew up watching Winnie the Pooh. Didn't take my first WDW trip until my wife and I did in 91 and 92. Then in 2005 we took our two kids. Don't really know how it happened but that's the year the real obsession to WDW took effect. Something clicked. We've been going every year since. And now my life revolves around all things Disney.
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    Re: Reason for loving Disney/being a Disney fan

    Nothing like that for me...I grew up watching the Wonderful World of Color and fell in love with all things Disney. I went to DL for the first time as an adult..then moved back east and have been going to WDW since the it.

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    Re: Reason for loving Disney/being a Disney fan

    No traumatic experience for me. I'm just genuinely amazed by the genius of an American Icon who has created a world where I forget about everything else in life. I told my husband at the MK on Sunday that someday, heaven is going to be gold-paved Walt Disney World.
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    Re: Reason for loving Disney/being a Disney fan

    Simple it makes me happy and good things happen when I go there Plus grew up watching Cinderelly and Aladdin mainly! Most played vid in my house when I was little was prob Aladdin actually.

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