1. DVD seletection of all the disney movies
2. Big Size Disney Clothes not all can fit in to 2x
3. Antique Disney related items (like the MK Weebles!)
4. big Kid(21 + ) toys and clothes - disney and WDW included
5. watches of good quality
6. Every book ever printed on Disney and in a special showcase (Lou's Book)with the schedule of when he will be doing book signings...lol
7. Engineering drawings of the Haunted Mansion
8. Selections of Disney Music
9. realDisney jewelry, in either sterling/gold/plat/titanium with real stones
10.Stuffed animals that they actually sell in WDW
11. More obscure (or less well known) disney character itemes (Peter Pan, Wendy
Alice in Wonderland, etc..) the kind that the new generation might not recognize as much, but that us grown ups still cherish!
12. Prints/lithographs/cels/Posters/etc. from all over the Disney universe, espcially the attraction and movie ones.