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General Discussions Discuss Epic Mickey Help! in the Community Center forums; I know I am slow in finishing Epic Mickey, I don't get on the Wii that much. I am stuck in the second time in Dark Beauty Castle. I don't ...
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    Epic Mickey Help!

    I know I am slow in finishing Epic Mickey, I don't get on the Wii that much. I am stuck in the second time in Dark Beauty Castle. I don't have any time sketches left and I have to patch 5 pipes in 45 seconds. Is it possible? HELP! I am so close to the end.

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    Re: Epic Mickey Help!

    My daughter watches the walk thrus on you tube. Those have helped her finish a tough sequence several times.
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    Re: Epic Mickey Help!

    I have not finished the game yet, to busy playing resident evil and Zelda but If this is at the beginning of the game following the tutorial. Either way check the link. You should also visit my blog and leave a comment because by blog is a mix between disney and gaming.

    Epic Mickey Guide & Walkthrough - Wii - IGN

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    Re: Epic Mickey Help!

    Ok so I finished the game quite awhile ago (about 2 weeks after I got it - which was maybe a month after it was released) but I do remember the area you're talking about and I can tell you that doing it without the time sketches is gonna be a toughy. Definitely do as some previous folks have said though and check out walkthrus and videos... y'never know what someone else has figured out.

    The good news is... you are SOOOO almost done with the game!!
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