Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to say it's been a great couple of days meeting and seeing you guys through Lou's box (and of course, FINALLY getting to meet Lou & Beci in person). I have to admit it's alot different seeing you all in the box rather than being a member of the box. I will say I enjoy both experiences but being outta the box and seeing all of you chat has been great entertainment. Especially yesterday when the Booth gals held their first ever Booth Dance Off Contest during the Parks & Resorts presentation (yes, I know you all think it ****ed. Total letdown for sure. And NOTHING about the 40th for WDW??? Seriously???). I know a couple of you asked in the box so I will tell you now, I was the guy in black with the backwards hat. No I am not a stalker. No I am not a bodyguard (that's WDWMike's job). I am just an avid fan of Lou's work and was doing as he so vivdly says, "people watching." I enjoying watching him interact with everyone. There were sooo many people who came and wanted his time. It's amazing how much positive energy he has and how much he showed his genuine interest in everyone who stopped by. I went by other booths throughout the Collector's Forum, but it just didn't have that same positive energy. That just goes to show the power of Lou's heart and genuine love and respect for Disney and for others who share that same love.
Anyhow, for any box people who will be on tomorrow, I will be the one wearing a black Disneyland hat and a blue Donald Duck hockey jersey. I can't wait to see you guys again. Say hi!!!!!