I have finished the first in the series of fanfic adventures titled "THE INCREDIBLES MYSTERIES" featuring the superheroes from Metroville as they explore the mysteries of the supernatural, the 5th dimension...

In reality...the heroes portray the Mystery Incorporated detective sleuths as the following, they are:

Mr Incredible as Fred Jones
Elastic Girl as Daphne Blake
Syndrome as Shaggy Rogers
FroZone as Velma Dinkley
Aleu as Scooby Doo

Episode I "The Farmyard Fright" has the supers visiting the Great Dalrymple 3D Corn Maze on Opening Day when a mysterious scarecrow that comes to life starts frightening away the first visitors, news reporters, camera crew and photographers that is! It is up to the world's strongest man, rubber-woman, electo-master and ice-master and their wolf mascot to solve this first mystery and find out who is really behind these strange occurances...