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General Discussions Discuss Who was the first to take you? in the Community Center forums; the first time i went to wdw was in june of 1994. i went with my mom dad and my sister. i was 5 at the time....
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    the first time i went to wdw was in june of 1994. i went with my mom dad and my sister. i was 5 at the time.

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    Let see WDW the 1st time was 1977 my Mom and her sister took me and Disneyland was 1981.

    I took my two kids in 2004 for the first time.
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    My supposed-to-be first trip to DW was in Feb 1983 with my parents, but we had a blizzard and couldn't catch the flight down. I was three, and my mom wrote a note to Mickey with me to tell him I would come down to visit later that summer since I couldn't make it then He sent me an autograph picture back telling me that he can't wait for June (which is still framed at my house).

    I got to go to Disneyland Paris in July 2001. I was studying in England for the summer and my parents and brother flew out to see me and DP--we spent 2 days in DP and only 1 in Paris (we have our priorities straight!).

    Trip #21 to WDW leaves for me in 4 days!:mickey:

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    Awwwwwwwww, sweet story about not getting to go!
    I'm also jealous about you getting to go to DL Paris tho!
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