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There are good kids and there are bad kids...but why do the bad ones end up in the same Splash Mountian log as I do?

A friend and I decided to ride Splash Mountian last night when all the other guests in Magic Kingdom were finding their spots to watch the Wishes fireworks. Walk up to the enterance--cool---15 minute wait--no problem! The acual wait was like 5 minutes. We climb aboard or craft nod and wave at the CM at launch--no problem. Well problem--in row 1 and row 4 were teenagers. The row one guys asked us to pass their cell phones back to the row four girls--no problem--we did (we were in row two, three was empty). About 1/4 of the way through the ride-the high jinks began--standing up on the ride. We asked them to please sit down several times. In the area where B'rer Bear is stuck in the beehive-they decide to grab onto the scenery and HOLD the log in place (us--"Will you please let go of the scenery and stop goofing off"). As we drift toward the big drop--a smartalick in the front decides to stand up and try to punch the FSU weasal that pops out from a hole above us. Oh wait--its not over yet--down the drop--time to flip off the ride camera! We raise our arm for the drop and the kids flip off the camera. Well there goes any proof that Damon and I have a great time at Disney. Then in the room where the riverboat is--the girls decide to change seats and go into row three while the guys try to destroy more themeing. As we walked passed the photo display area--with them about 10 feet behind us. Well after a few step more I turned around--they were gone
I am wondering and hoping a CM pulled them aside and gave them what for.
I think that anyone who pulls a stunt like that, or anything like what has been described by some of you, should pay some kind of price, and I don't mean $. They should do some trash duity or something to that effect and parents/ gaurdians should be notified.

And what do you mean Colts, Bucs... GO FALCONS!!!!!!!