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General Discussions Discuss A disney fan girl's dream first date in the Community Center forums; So i wanted to share this awesome first date with everyone because it involves hidden mickeys! It's sort of a long story and cheesy so bare with me lol Backstory: ...
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    A disney fan girl's dream first date

    So i wanted to share this awesome first date with everyone because it involves hidden mickeys! It's sort of a long story and cheesy so bare with me lol

    Backstory: I've known this guy for several months and we work together. We've always had a lot of chemistry and know each other extremely well, but due to timing problems we never actually went out. Well recently the chemistry between us started to boil over and when he asked me out I said yes. I knew he was a huge romantic and he wouldn't tell me what we were doing for or date so I was really excited. We are both HUGE disney fans (me more so than him because I practically grew up in the parks and he can't remember his one trip there).

    Before the date I decided to get a new dress to wear because I had been looking forward to going out with him for MONTHS. I found this really cute pink dress and then I had an idea. I dress the outfit up a little to look slightly like isabella because one of our inside jokes at work was that i would always come by his desk and say "whatchya doin?" and he'd answer "looking for perry". Here's what I looked like (sorry these are god awful pics lol)

    When he picked me up he loved my dress (still asks me to wear it all the time!) and we spent the whole car ride to dinner going back and forth with phineas and ferb jokes. We had a super fun romantic dinner at one of my favorite places, but the date wasn't over. After dinner he told me to change into something more comfortable so we could go to the park. I didn't think anything of it because we are both runners and go to the park together often (even well before we started dating). I quickly changed and then I found out we were having a water gun fight.

    To most people I'm sure a water gun fight doesn't sound romantic, but we are both about 12 at heart and love to play and be goofy. It was about 105 degrees outside and a water gun fight sounded like a total blast. He had bought us both guns and when we got to the park it was game time. Then the awww moments came. As we were playing kind of walking down a trail we take he said notice anything?

    It took me a little bit to notice but he had hid hidden mickeys all over the park! Here's just a few of my favorites:

    the rhinestone ones were everywhere! Along the path, on trees, on signs, everywhere!

    Entire trees had these mickey cutouts on the leaves. It was so adorable I can't tell you. Hundreds of leaves!

    After finding all the hidden mickeys I was practically dancing I was so happy. The whole time we were finding them we were still playing with the water guns, so when we cam to a bench he said "let's sit down". We sat down and he put his arm around me and then he pointed out my favorite hidden mickey of them all

    After that he gave me a kiss so we could see fireworks too! haha. We ended the night watching a disney movie together. That was August 4th and we've been on a bunch of other really romantic and fun dates since and we are going to the wine and dine half marathon together as well in november!

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    Re: A disney fan girl's dream first date

    Well that just made my day. I am 12 and i don't do water guns but i know a lot of kids that do and i'm also more of a indoor guy. And i think your going to make a grat mother someday. I hope that you and this guy can be together forever. (By the way i liked the part about the going back and forth with phineas and ferb jokes.)

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    Re: A disney fan girl's dream first date

    Aww. So cute & sweet & romantic!!!! Sounds like a good guy!!! :-)

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    Re: A disney fan girl's dream first date

    very nice guy , sounds like a perfect first date
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    Re: A disney fan girl's dream first date

    That was super awesome of him. Sounds like a keeper.
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    Re: A disney fan girl's dream first date

    If he's willing to do all that on a first date you know you really mean a lot to him.. But, I know how he tops that, props to him
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