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General Discussions Discuss Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in the Community Center forums; Originally Posted by jarmitc2032 The only thing I don't understand is the writer doing a spiterman ending. See page 646-647 i said the same thing to my brother! it took ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jarmitc2032
    The only thing I don't understand is the writer doing a spiterman ending. See page 646-647
    i said the same thing to my brother! it took me 2 days at various intervals to read it, couple of hours here and there...i also agree about dumbledore talking to harry through the picture..while talking about HP w/ my bro he brought up a good point about foreshadowing...they never kept a DADA teacher for more then one year and Snape took the position...i think they need to go back to hogwarts and finish school, hermoine would have a panic attack at not finishing! maybe one of the horcruxes will be in hogwarts and that helps to bring harry back there for the last year??

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    I haven't had a chance to read it yet....believe it or not its been sitting on my shelf for 4 days now(I am such an awful person-shame on me) was away for a few days and also had a yard sale this week, not to mention the prowler we had at 3am the other night-yeesh. So nooooooooooo time to relax let alone read.

    I have read enuf on here to get the storyline down(have to get my fix somehow)...and what JLTRAVELING said about Voldy not liking Snape got me thinking....What was it in GOF that was said after Voldermort called back all the death eaters about how some could not be there and one who chose not to? Something like that anyway. I don't feel like going back and searching right now but maybe that has something to do with that-shot in the dark-why not?. Any commentS?
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    According to Snape, he returned 2 hours after the Mark burned, upon Dumbledore's orders. In order to appreciate the genius of the plan, read Chapter 2 - Spinner's End.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tampa
    I know little bits and pieces of the story.. what ever did happen to that thing's "precious" anyways?
    the Muggles got a hold of it, Harry and the others from Hogwarts went to war against Middle Earth, while Ron and Malfoy went on a quest to destroy "the one wand to rule them all".

    you'll have to wait until next year to find out how it ends.

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