So idk if anyone else her has even heard of the Disneybound blog. If you have, do you Disneybound? Do you just do it when visiting the parks or is it something you like to do in your day to day life? Personally, I love to Disneybound, my best friend and I do it at least one day a week, and it has helped us stay connected while we go to colleges about 1,900 miles away from each other! I also do it in the parks though, on my last trip I did it nearly every day... very fun way to be excited to get up early and go! So if anyone does Disneybound and wants to share or even post pics, I thought it may be fun to have a thread for it!

So, I suppose I'll start with sharing one of my Disneybounds, this is my Sulley DB with the big guy himself (and Mike) at Downtown Disney

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