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General Discussions Discuss September 11th in the Community Center forums; I will never forget that day or where I was. It is a day that will always be engraved on our hearts. I know now what my father meant when ...
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    I will never forget that day or where I was. It is a day that will always be engraved on our hearts. I know now what my father meant when he told us as kids that he will never forget where he was or what he was doing when he heard the news of Pearl Harbor. My husband came into my office and told me to turn on the television. We watched in stunned amazement as the first tower burned, and just like Jerrame asked, "What kind of idiot would fly into a building?" As we watched the second plane hit our stunned amazement quickly turned into shocked disbelief. At that time my oldest son was in the Army and my younger son was in the Navy. My daughter was in high school and had a volleyball game that night. As we all stood for the National Anthem before the game there was not a dry eye in the gym. I kept watching the door expecting one or both of my sons to come through it to tell me that they would be leaving that night. Neither of them went to the middle east. My younger son was involved in a horrible car accident that kept him hospitalized for over a month, and because of his head injuries also got him a release from the Navy. My oldest son was shipped to Guantanamo Bay. Don't even go there with me, you WILL be sorry.

    War is awful. War is horrible. It takes sons away from their mothers, fathers away from their children, husbands away from their wives, and more and more today separates mothers from their children and families as well. We can all look back and see the evilness of Hitler and the atrocities and wonder how one man could have destroyed so many people. Well, it was easy. The rest of the world sat on their backsides and did nothing while he marched his armies across Europe one small country at a time. The evil men in Afghanistan and Iraq are no different. The only difference is that in this war one country said, "No, not this time. We will not sit back while you take what you want at the expense others. We will not be bullied and we will not be terrorized." There is a saying "All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing." Evil will not prevail in this war.
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    Well said Minnie, well said.

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