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General Discussions Discuss My situation with Bonny, MJ and Andrew in the Community Center forums; As most of you probably know, I moved in with Bonny, MJ and Andrew to help out around the house and to help with taking care of MJ. I thought ...
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    My situation with Bonny, MJ and Andrew

    As most of you probably know, I moved in with Bonny, MJ and Andrew to help out around the house and to help with taking care of MJ. I thought I was mature enough to handle the responsibilities that came with that decision. I have come to a decision that I am not as mature as I thought I was. Therefore, I am moving out of their house and am going to get my own place with a roommate. Hopefully, that will knock some responsibility into me and help me grow more mature than I am. I am still MJs uncle/Unca Mi Ma/Mi Ah and Bonny and Andrew are still my best friends. I just don't want to end up hurting them any more than I probably have. I find it best to just visit them at their home and see them in the parks, either as a CM or as a guest. Thank you for your time in reading this.

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    I don't really know your situation or what all is involved, but I do know that it is VERY hard to live with somebody and/or to have somebody live with you. Best of luck.
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    not only that, but with somebody who needs so much attention (I really hope nobody takes that the wrong way, I mean it with the utmost respect)

    and totally off topic, you have a great username/avatar, Slade is such a well written character
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    Mike, you are an excellent guy, and I bow down to you for everything you've done to help that family out. I know it means so much to Bonny and MJ for what you have done.

    Things happen for a reason, so don't let this upset you or get to you....remember, you'll still get to see them all quite often!

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    It was awesome meeting you bro last saturday.. Glad we had chance to enjoy a coke (and sprite) while venturing over to vmk cinema.

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    Mike, I'm sorry for all of you that it hasn't worked out. I really hope that this move gives you what you are looking for. Best of luck to you and I'm sure that we will still get to met during our next trip!!

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    I think that maybe the mature thing for you to do, right now, is find your own place. I am sure that Bonny, Andrew and MJ understand your situation. Don't worry...

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    You certainly don't owe us here at DWT any explanations, but I appreciate your honesty. I do wish you luck and I am sure your heart was in the right place. You can still be helpful just by being there for the family when you see them. Best wishes to all of you!
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    The most important thing in all of this is that MJ isn't affected in any way. This all must be very confusing to her....and any type of change is a MAJOR issue to her. I hope you will do all you can to make this adjustment go smoothly for her.

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    Mike... you're a great guy, and your heart was definitely in the right place. But living with anyone is really rough, especially in a small space, and being a caregiver is even rougher. I've stuck it out being my dad's caregiver for 9 months now, and it's the hardest thing I've ever done. If we weren't blood relatives, I'd have cracked a long time ago. As it is, there have been plenty of times when we vowed never to speak to each other again. It's just the reality of a caregiver situation. You have absolutely nothing to feel badly about, it was a situation that didn't work out, and you were all mature enough to recognize it, and change things. Take care of yourself, work on the life goals that you need to work on at this time in your life, and be the best "uncle" you can be to MJ. Things are as they should be, just keep that in mind. If you ever want to talk, PM me.


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    Hey Slade, Bonny and Andrew sound like really understanding people and to keep in a situation that you know isn't right for you isn't fair to either other party. It sounds like you have had a heart to heart with them and didn't just lie to them and run away. Sounds like you are already well on your way with the maturity issue. You know just seeing MJ and talking to Bonny and Andrew and letting them lean on you can be helpful as well. Take care and prayers and pixie dust coming your way and theirs.

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