Ok, I just thought I would share this with y'all, since I think you need to get this cd!!!

I started watching American Idol a couple of year ago, but I only watched long enough to see all the funny auditions and then I found something else to watch. This year, I watched the whole thing and even picked up my phone to vote! I watched because of that Constantine guy, something different in the mix of pop and r&b wannabe artists.....but then I heard Bo. Man, that boy has a voice and a half!

So, he came in runner up, good enough for me. I went out and bought his new cd yesterday - The Real Thing. And man, it is GOOD! I was worried when I heard the first single, it is a little "poppy". But the rest of the album is what a good rock album is supposed to sound like....

Can someone clone this guy so that I can have one!?