I decided to do this because i no longer can stand to the side. Things happened last week and i need to send an apology to EVERYONE on the DWT site, because it should be about all things fun related, at least that's what I thought that's what it was. I guess some things got serious and out of hand. Whether you even care, or want to hear about it or read about it. I believe you can't amend something if you don't do anything to amend it. So that's what i'm doing. I owe you an apology, as it seems by the posts i annoyed people and was clueless about things, i think that's what was said. But that's becides the point, first because you had to be subject to bickering, which i don't like. Secondly, because i allowed things to get out of hand and people to take me there. Sorry for that. Maybe in 6 months after i've been on for a year, i'll be welcomed as to refer to people by name, but for now i'll just stick to user names.

I do want to apologize to 2 people. I'm not going into the first as i'm not to mention there names, but I apologize to you as i was thinking that i could ask questions on top of questions, guess not.

And for dzney4lyf, i apologize to you because i could not resist when you would throw a jab, i just had to jab back. For instance on friday, i think it was friday, i was talking to someone else ( hey maybe that person feels the same as you do, and why am i even posting right), well, i was talking with someone else, you replied with a get a life, and stay out of everyone else's, so i just had to send a reply and say was that even called for, instead of not saying anything at all, then that thread would have stayed clean.... So i am sorry for that.

And that is it in a nutshell, and i am calling a truce to everyone, and let's just enjoy this site and talk disney... Hope my apologies are excepted, if not, maybe later....

Hope you be blessed in all that you do!!!!!!!!!