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General Discussions Discuss The sheer irony and frustration of it all..... in the Community Center forums; Ok, before I start, a brief history lesson in the past few weeks of The_Heat. (With, ironically, no dates to be placed) Monday: a few weeks ago: Get my change ...
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    The sheer irony and frustration of it all.....

    Ok, before I start, a brief history lesson in the past few weeks of The_Heat. (With, ironically, no dates to be placed)

    Monday: a few weeks ago: Get my change check, my stupid $600 to last me the semester. Told my loan will come by last Thursday.

    Last Week: get the idea that along with my loan, will get a privatized loan, to help out for the next few years.

    Last Wednesday: go to Mr. Movies (a rental store): and apply for an unadvertised job opening.

    Last Thursday: Find out my loan will not come until tomorrow, and that it is only going to be $400.........

    Last Friday: attend the interview session at Mr. Movies, (within, explaining in great detail, and constant reminding that I worked with the Walt Disney Co.)

    Today: I was not accepted for the job, because Mr. Movies deems that I do not have enough experience with Disney, or in life in general, to work the afternoon shift, part time, at thier crummy store.

    I'm just finding it funny that even though Disney has deemed I do have enough experience to join them for another 3 months, and further, should I choose, but I do not have enough experience to work at a video rental store......I just find it kind of ironic.

    Not to I have a plane ticket to visit Joyce for the whole summer, but will not be getting any money to spend......on anything....not even the ticket is pretty much worthless......a good $1,200 wasted.

    sorry if this just seems like a rant but I'm a lot more frustrated about it than I'm letting on......since I have a tendency to get my hopes up always......and always they seem to get broken in record time
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    another job some where else maybe?

    sorry about all that - something will come thru

    keep those hopes up

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    Yeah Heat keep your spirit up I know that easier said than done. As good friend of mind at work said to me today This to shall pass.


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    That stinks!!! I'm sorry.... Something will work out though I'm sure of it. Besides you don't want to work where you aren't appreciated anyway. Is there a Disney store near you? I'm sure they would be glad to have you. In the mean time keep your chin up.

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    So sorry to hear that. It is amazing to me how some people can get tons of money for loans and others can't. Good luck finding more help so you can enjoy your trip.

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    Hey James...I will be keeping my fingers crossed that things turn around for you. There is still time before Summer to come up with something so you can spend some time with the one you love!

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    Keep looking, you have plenty to offer an employer...I 'll keep my fingers crossed for you...
    I am in need of some Disney magic!!

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