Spring break was right around the corner and I still haven’t made any plans. A bunch of my friends booked rooms in Orlando, Florida for the week and I still had nothing. So I started searching for the best deal, when I ran across this awesome deal from Florida Way Vacations. For only $149 they offered 5 nights and 6 days in Orlando and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. That is for the hotel accommodations for up to four people. I was so happy because my friends were paying about $600 for the week and here I am getting my airline ticket and hotel accommodations for only 330 dollars. I told a couple of friends about the deal but they didn’t want to take a “risk” with the room so they got their own. The one smart friend I had split it with me. Yes I was a little nervous on the way down there worried about getting a “roach box” as a room. Too my surprise it was great we were in the heart of all the attractions, shops, restaurants. I was only a couple blocks away from my friends so it worked out great. Florida Way really came through with this deal and I recommend it to all. Thanks so much for the great vacation at such a reasonable price. www.floridaway.net