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General Discussions Discuss Update... in the Community Center forums; Here ya go, folks!! Ok so I haven't been around much - sorry. Things have been absoulutely crazy with me. You want the good or the bad first.... ok I ...
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    Here ya go, folks!!

    Ok so I haven't been around much - sorry. Things have been absoulutely crazy with me. You want the good or the bad first.... ok I get the bad off my chest.

    Bad - School is overly crummy. The university I go to is by far the worst ever. Today I needed to sign up for a test...and yeah I met this little lady...well wait H***ish lady in the office who I don't think could get any meaner. She kept on yelling with this "fire" in her voice and I politely asked if she was alright and she was then turned to Satan. Let's see...I took a final this morning, squeeked a D+ and that took my grade...yeah to a D+....I studdied so hard and could sell make a fortune on the book I call my notes. I am waiting for another final to start and feel comfortable with the information....but as I have come to doesn't matter. Tomorrow brings on a whole nother bunch of problems but I have already discussed that. As for dropping the class I was failing...nope the assistant dean of arts and sciences said that because i am a good student, show that there was an attempt to improve my grade and there were notes from the class...I cannot drop. They have no choice but to fail me (her exact words). This university doesn't not work for it's students. And I know that everyone says that problems and solving them are part of the college experience, but this rediculous. And not to sound self-centered or anything but no one should have to go through what I am going through. S*** like this shouldn't happen. OK lets see. Money is another HUGE problem. I can't work because of school and the show, and my family has needed my every free second and I am having trouble affording needs (FOOD, GAS, etc). Oh and a last bad... i will be losing my scholarship in Fall and my parents still have no idea...let's just say that I may not be here for a while...

    On to the good. Cinderella is going GREAT. I have been trained in lighting and am in the pit for warmups. The show has really come together in the past 7 weeks. Costumes are pretty spectacular for community theater and Cinderella is..well HOT. She (the one playing Cinderella) has applied to Disney in Entertainment and she has been doing well. Summer Break - Yeah I get to be a personal assistant to my grandmother until August, so I will be living in Wisconsin when I take here to her other home and there I can be with my other family (really really really close friends) and then let's see... I am starting a diet pill and a new diet (I hope it works) I need to lose about 50 lbs by the end of summer. Work is great when I can. I love Disney more than anything and I have thought about leaving school and going full-time with the company and taking online or night classes. I have thought and thought and over thought this plan or even leaving the university and losing the 43 of 67 credits that I have learned in the past 2 years and transfering to UCF or even moving to Wisconsin (although far away, the first love of my heart with Disney) and going to school there.

    In closing, i won't be on for a while while I finish up classes and this show starts and I try to figure out my life....I wish that I had at least a couple hours to myself (I havent in about 6 months) with NO ONE AT ALL around me so I can collect my thoughts, find myself, and maybe even shead a tear....I feel I need to but I always need to "serve the guest" be it at work or at school or family or whereever and there is no time to stop and cry. Maybe this summer I can do that.

    thank you all for being a sounding board and for being there for me.

    Best Wishes
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    Paul I'm so sorry to hear of your problems but don't worry I'm sure everything will work out to the way it suppose to be. Glad to hear your doing great with the play and hey remember you have a whole extended family here on DWT if you need us. If you ever need to talk you know my number so call me. Don't worry I know one day you will be a Disney Ambassdor and all of these problems are going to be long forgotten.


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    Hopefully this summer will give you some time to breathe and think. Enjoy "Cinderella" and your time with your grandmother, and remember the DWT family will ALWAYS be here for you no matter what.

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    Sorry to hear school has been so ucky. Dont you love when ppl are grumpy and you are nice to them and it just totally messes up their head. :-) I hope things work out for you and you find a school that better suits you and your talents. Dont be afraid to go ask for help from a church or other agency, that is what they are there for. Wishing you all the best and look forward to hearing from you on here when you can. Above all take that time for yourself...tell them Take care.

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